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    Telangana Rc 1848 New Guidelines of Ts Teachers Transfers/Rationalisation

    Telangana Rc 1848 New Guidelines of Ts Teachers Transfers/Rationalisation #Rc.No.Trans (1848)/Ser.IV-2/2015; Dt. 23-06-2015
    Subject: School Education - Rationalisation/Transfers and Promotions - Head Masters Gr. II (Gazetted) and Teachers - clarifications - Issued .
    1. G.O. Ms. No. 11 SCHOOL EDUCATION (Ser. II) DEPARTMENT dt. 15/06/2015.
    2. G.0. Ms. No. 12 SCHOOL EDUCATION (Ser.·II) DEPARTMENT dt. 16/06/2015.
    3.  This Office Procs. Re. No. Trans (1848)/Ser.lV-2/2015 Dt.16/06/2015 and 23/6/2015
    4. G.0.Rt.No. 595 GAD (Ser.D) Dept dt. 17.9.2014.

    Telangana Rc 1848 New Guidelines of Ts Teachers Transfers/Rationalisation GUIDELINES:

    In pursuant to the orders issued in the references read above, the following instructions are issued for taking necessary action in the matter.
    1. The surplus Secondary Grade Teacher post shall be adjusted against single Teacher
    Schools on descending order of Enrolment.

    2. If there are still excess of persons in SGT cadre after exhausting requirement in Primary Schools as per above, those Teachers shall be allotted to Upper Primary Schools against the post of School Assistants I Language Pandit.
    3. After adjusting the identified surplus School Assistant posts against the requirement of School Assistants in High Schools in a District, the balance of School Assistant posts shall be adjusted /shifted to Schools prioritizing the Schools in the following manner:
    i)Schools having classes IX/VIII and where no posts/ less number of posts of School Assistants are Sanctioned.
    ii) Upper Primary Schools not having required sanction posts as per norms. iii) Schools having more enrolment.
    4. In a district where the No. of School Assistants (lst language) and School Assistants (2nd language) are less than required as per staff pattern, Language Pandit Gr.II can be counted against School Assistants (Languages) concerned in the staff pattern to the extent of short fall of those posts in High Schools.
    5. The SGTs post in High Schools/Upper Primary Schools shall not be shifted unless
    School Assistant posts are provided to that school as per staffing pattern.
    6. For I to V Classes of an Upper Primary School, the same staff pattern as prescribed in Annexure - I (for a primary school) i.e total no of Teachers is to be followed. Example 151- 200 Six SGTs, 20 l-240 Seven SGTs so on . However the post of Head Master of Primary School, if sanctioned already in Upper Primary School shall be shifted to the needy Primary School.
    7. Certain District Educational Officers have brought to the notice that some of the habitations I towns were earlier in one category as per the HR.A percentage and later the HR.A percentage is increased and requested for clarification regarding the calculation of entitlement points, As per Sub-rule (a) of Rule 6 of the G.O. the habitations I towns are classified into 4 categories based on the HRA percentage it is clarified that, the entitlement points may be calculated proportionately in the matter as per the categorization in the G.O.
    8. Some of the Girls High Schools were earlier converted into success schools, after conversion of such schools both boys and girls are being enrolled, therefore, such schools may be treated as Co- Educational Institutions.
    9. Counseling may be conducted separately, medium-wise (except for Languages) in all cadres.
    10. The transfer applications which are not submitted through on-line and hard copy through the concerned officer shall not be entertained.
    11. Some of the field Officers I Headmasters are showing/ informing the vacancy position based on which the posting orders are issued during counseling. After issue Of posting orders, some of the field officers I Headmasters are informing the authorities that there is no vacancy in a particular school. In all such cases disciplinary action shall be initiated against the all concerned under Rule 20 of CCA Rules immediately and reposting to such teachers should also be issued immediately.
    12. The Text Book writers/ Illustrators shall also be treated as state level resource persons for the purpose of awarding entitlement points under the Rule 7 (b) (ii) based on the certificate issued by the Director, SCERT.
    13. The Best Teachers who have got National award issued by the Central Government and State award issued by the State Government on the event of 5 th September only shall be considered for awarding entitlement points under the Rule 7 {a).
    14. Some of the DEQs have reported that certain mistakes have crept in while reporting enrolment in DSE. In such cases of wrong reporting of data in the DlSE the OEO may submit the report specifically duly verifying Attendance register, Admission register, attendance in annual examinations to Director of School Education.
    15. To adhere to the instructions issued in GO Ms 3 SW (TW Edn.) Dept, dt. 10.1.2000 for effecting promotions in agency areas.
    16. To ensure that at least one regular Teacher is posted in each School.
    17. During the year 2011 under rationalization certain School Assistants (Physical Science) teacher posts and teachers who are found surplus were shifted to the schools where School Assistant (Maths) Posts were not sanctioned . Keeping in view of the subject need of Mathematics subject they were posted to teach Mathematics subject. Therefore, the cadre strength shall be taken into account of School Assistant (Physical Science) only. In such school if the School Asst (Mathematics) post could not be provided in the present rationalization process, the existing teacher who i.e., School Asst (Physical Science) and who is teaching Mathematics shall be continued .
    YOU ARE READING Telangana Rc 1848 New Guidelines of Ts Teachers Transfers/Rationalisation
    18. The sanctioned and vacant SGT or any other posts remained surplus even after allotment /adjustment made as per requirement to Primary, Upper Primary and High School such sanctioned posts shall be kept with DEO concerned. The DEO shall maintain proper record of such vacant SGT and other posts particulars in order to meet future requirement and the same shall be intimated to the OTO concerned for their record under intimation to this office.
    19. The vacancies notified during promotion counseling shall be equivalent to the number of candidates to be promoted. Priority shall be given to fill the vacancies in the Schools where no subject Teacher is available.
    20. The Head Master Gr.II (Gazetted) I Teacher, whose spouse is working in State Government or Central Government or Public Sector undertaking or Local Body or Aided Institution in the same District and opted to transfer nearer to and towards the place of working on his/her spouse is entitled to benefit of spouse points once in 5 /8 years as the case may be. In Case both them belong to same category of post, both of them are entitled to benefit, first one can choose any direction and second one to choose towards spouse direction.
    21. The certificates issued by the competent Medical officer of the Hospital recognized by the Government under Integrated Medical Reimbursement Rules, in which Head Master Gr.II (Gazetted) I Teacher who is suffering with the diseases and so undergoing treatment shall also be considered under preferential categories duly following sub Rule (d), (e) and (f) of Rule 8 of the G.O. 2 nd read above, in the present counseling.
    22. Date of reference for all purposes for Transfers is 01/07/2015.
    #DOWN Rc.1848 

    1. G.O. Ms. No. 11 SCHOOL EDUCATION (Ser. II) DEPARTMENT dt. 15/06/2015.
    2. G.0. Ms. No. 12 SCHOOL EDUCATION (Ser.·II) DEPARTMENT dt. 16/06/2015.

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