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    Ts/Telangana teachers transfers2015-Revision Schedule Dates

    Ts/Telangana teachers transfers2015-Revision Schedule Dates. #Ts/Telangana teachers transfers-2015 have been some changes in the schedule . The last date for applications transformations from Saturday to Tuesday (30th) extended online application here. On the other hand the results of less than 25 per cent of the schools , the principals, the teachers, the subject of transfer restriction is mandatory. Secretary of Education orders issued on Saturday Ts/Telangana teachers transfers revision rationalisation schedule. Rationalization completed 29 management-wise, the final list of fields DEO official website placed.

     Ts/Telangana teachers transfers2015-Revision Schedule Dates

    1. * July 1st, 2nd on the teachers transferred from the application hard to take, to qualify for points in the local area. 

    2. * 3 transfers deserved points, promotions Provisional Seniority list, site rationalization identified additional teachers in the catalog

    3. * 4 th objections Seniority lists Objections
      * 5 * 6 on the objections to the settlement on the transfers, promotions, transfers HM on the final list
      * 7 HMs transfers
    4. * 8 School assist promotion as HM
    5. * 9-11 School Assistant School Assistant HM promotions, transfers LFLHM
    6. * 12th SGTs promotion as ,  LFLHM &School Assistant promotions 
    7. * 13-16TH transfers To SGTs

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