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    AP Rc 375 Primary Teachers training from Aug 3rd-Sep 11th 2015

    AP Rc 375 Primary  Teachers training from Aug 3rd-Sep 11th 2015 Guidelines

    Single tchr-NoTraining
    2 teachers working-
    3 teachers working-
    4 teachers working-
    1tchr choose training of any Subject of Tel/Maths,/Eng
    5 teachers working-
    1 tel,
    2tchrs choose any subjects of Tel/Maths/Eng
    6 teachers working-
    2tchrs Tel,
    2tchrs Maths,
    2tchrs Eng

    continuation of the orders issued vide proceedings cited under reference, all the District Educational Officers, DIET Principals and Project Officers of SSA in the State are informed that the trainings at Mandal level in all three subjects i.e., #AP Rc 375 Primary  Teachers training from Aug 3rd-Sep 11th 2015 Telugu, Mathematics and English shall be conducted for 5-days from 3rd August 2015 onwards. In view of this, the following guidelines are communicated for smooth conduct of In-service training programmes.
    1. Type of Training Programmes:Training programmes shall be conducted in 3 subject areas i.e., Telugu, English and Mathematics at Primary level in classes I-V with a duration of five days each.
    2. Mode of Trainings:The Training programmes will be conducted at two levels in a cascade mode. First level for DRGs at State Level by SRGs and second level for teachers at Mandal level by DRGs.
    3. Allotment of DRGs :DRGs shall be allotted @ two for each training centre at mandal level in the concerned subjects.If DRGs are more than the requirement, they may be allotted on rotation basis.In case the DRGs are not sufficient, the services of SRGs may be utilized.
    4. Deputation of Teachers to Training Programmes:Single teachers shall be exempted from the training programme in this phase. A separate session will be conducted to these teachers. If there are two teachers in a school, they shall be deputed to Telugu and Mathematics trainings  one to each training. In case of three teachers, they shall be deputed to all the three trainings  one for each to Telugu, English and Mathematics based on the subjects teaching by them in their respective schools. If the number of teachers is more than three, the additional teachers shall be deputed to the training in related subjects keeping in view the subjects being taught by them in the schools. However all the teachers (except singleteacher) shall undergo 5-day training programme in any subject. No teacher shall be exempted from training programme in any circumstances except on health grounds. 5. Conduct of Trainings:Trainings of teachers of a particular mandal shall be conducted in that mandal only. The MEOs of concerned mandals where the training programmes are to be conducted shall be the Course Directors. They shall present in the centers every day till the completion and provide guidance to the DRGs to ensure proper conduct of trainings. Training programmes shall be completed as per as possible in 6 spellsin all the districts in the State.
    Based on the no. of Teachers working in each school, the no. of spells required for each subject shall be calculated. School wise list of teachers with the details of subjects teaching shall be obtained and spell wise list of teachers to be deputed for the training has to be prepared well in advance and communicated to schools to avoid disturbance in deputation of teachers. No school shall be closed during the training programmes in any circumstances. To ensure this, the trainings in Telugu and Mathematics subjects should not be conducted in thesame period in any mandal. The number of participants should not exceed 50 per spell to ensure effective conduct of training programme. As the trainings are proposed to be held from 3rd August 2015, the MEOs ofthe mandals where the trainings are planned in first round shall convene a meeting with DRGs on 2nd August 2015to plan and make arrangements for the training programme. Proper arrangements for seating of participants and drinking water facility shall be made in all the training centers.As far as possible, all the trainings shall be conducted in MRC. If it is not possible due some problems, a school located in Mandal headquarters with good accommodation and facilities may be chosen for conduct of training programme. No leave shall be sanctioned either to SRG or DRG till the completion of training programmes. If DRGs / SRGs drawn from a double teacher school, the CRP of nearby school complex shall be deputed to thatparticular school till the completion of training programmes to avoid detrimental to regular teaching learning process. The CRP who are deputed shall be paid Rs. 150/- per day during the period of deputation from SSA provision as was done previous year. The PO of SSA shall take necessary action in this regard. If the number of mandals / centers in a district is 60 or more, the following model may be planned to organize the trainings.
    The above model is only suggestive. The DIET Principals shall plan the number of spells and training programmes based on thenumber of mandals and teachers in the districts.The number of double teacher Primary schools / sections is more than 50 in a mandal, 2 spells each in Telugu and Mathematics shall be conducted deputing the teachers equally.
    6. Release and Utilization of FundsThe Principals of DIETs shall be release the required funds to the concerned MEOs basedon the number of teachers and spells planned in the districts. The MEOs shall utilize the funds as per the financial norms enclosed.
    7. Training Modules :It is decided to provide three modules i.e., Telugu, English and Mathematics toevery school irrespective of the strengthof teachers. These modules shall be given to the teachers on the first day of the training programme. The modules shall be got printed at District level and send to mandal points by 31st July 2015 for distribution to teachers during the training programme.
    8.Monitoring teams comprising Sectoral Officers of SSA, SRGs and DIET faculty shall be constituted for regular monitoring of training programmes. Each team shall visit 3 to 4 mandals everyday in the district. Numberof teams required shall be decided based on the training spells.State level officers of SSA and SCERT shall also visit the mandals during the training programme.
    9. Documentation the Principals of DIETs shall prepare a comprehensive documentation on the training programme and furnish to SCERT immediately after completion of all the trainings. The documentation shall include Photographs, Paper Clippings, Mandal wise targets and achievements analysis on the feedback of teachers, attendance details etc. In addition the Principals of DIETs shall also submit Bills and Vouchers of funds utilized and Pre Test and Post Test details.

    AP Rc 375 Primary  Teachers training from Aug 3rd-Sep 11th 2015


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