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    CPS-PRAN Subscribers Complete Information www.cra-nsdl.com

    #CPS-PRAN Account Holders to know Your Monthly wise enter your cps-pran account number  Know Your Transactions Statement Here CPS-PRAN Subscribers Monthly Transactions- https://cra-nsdl.com/CRA/ .CPS-PRAN  Scheme Information  'As per the present guidelines of Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority(PFRDA), contribution towards pension will be invested in the default schemes for State Government of three Pension Fund Managers (PFMs), viz, LIC Pension Fund Limited, SBI Pension Funds Pvt. Limited and UTI Retirement Solutions Limited. The proportion in which contributions are allocated among these three PFMs is decided by each of the state government, which in mentioned in the Statement of Transaction. Each of the PFMs will invest the funds in the proportion of 85% in fixed income instruments and 15% in equity and equity related instruments. Hence, in the application form for PRAN, the employees of State Government and State Autonomous Bodies need not mention the details of the schemes.

     Know Your Transactions Statement Here 

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     Enter your CPS-PRAN Number Click Here

     Login using I PIN First Time login: 

    After logging to CRA website for the first time, you will have to accept to the terms and conditions for using CRA website and Interactive Voice Response facility (IVR). On acceptance of the terms and conditions, you will be directed to set your new password for using CRA website. You will also be set your Secret Question for the purpose of resetting your password, in the event you forget your password. The password you create should be alpha-numeric with at least one special character (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,_). The length of the password should be between 8 and 14 characters.  You should also set your secret question for the purpose of resetting your I-Pin, in the event you forget your I-Pin. The length of the answer should at least be of 8 characters Access to CRA denied: Access to CRA may be denied due to the following reasons:      Incorrect User id provided     Incorrect password provided - If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it by answering the secret question through 'Forgot Password' link or submit a request for a re-issue of I-Pin through your PAO/POP-SP in case the user is subscriber or to CRA in case the user is PAO/POP-SP.  "As a safety measure to prevent unauthorised access, the account will be locked if the user enters incorrect password for five consecutive attempts. The user shall have an option to reset the password by answering the secret question even after the account is locked. In case the user is not able to remember the answer to the secret question and is unsuccessful in resetting the password, the user shall have to submit a request for reissue of I-Pin." To prevent misuse please:      Change your password after your first login.     Memorise your password and destroy the I-Pin mailer.     Do not write your password for reference.     Do not disclose your password to anyone.     After login, do not use to "Back" and "Forward" button in your browser to navigate. For security purpose, the same has been disabled. Any attempt to use those buttons will result in a logout.     It is advisable to change your password at regular intervals.


     CPS-PRAN Subscribers Monthly Transactions- https://cra-nsdl.com/CRA/ Reset Password using secret question     Instant Reset I-PIN   Note: If you wish to reset your I-PIN using the secret Question and Answer (set by you at the time of initial login), please select the option "Reset password using secret question". If you wish to reset your I-PIN and activate the same through One Time Password (OTP) or through Nodal Office / Point of Presence, please select the option "Instant Reset I-PIN".


    #CPS PRAN contribution Pension Scheme FORMS

     Nodal Office Registration      

    Form N1 : DTA Registration  
    Form N2 : DTO Registration     
    Form N3 : DDO Registration     
    Form N4 : DTO Covering Letter for DDO Registration


    Subscriber Registered Details Modification      

    Form S2 : Subscriber Details Change      
    Form S7 : Subscriber's Photo and Signature Change      
    Form S8 : Covering Letter of DDO for Change in Photo and Signature of Subscriber

     CPS-PRAN Withdrawal Forms      

    Form for Withdrawal on Superannuation for Government Employees      
    Form for Withdrawal before the Age of Normal Superannuation for Government Employees      Form for Withdrawal by Claimant due to Death of Government

    CPS-PRAN Subscriber Grievances APPLICATIONS

    Form G1 : Subscriber Grievance Registration
    Form ISS-1 : Inter Sector Shifting

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