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    TSPSC DEPT TESTS- Notification Results at tspsc.gov.in

     1.  Applications  are  invited  from  the  employees  of  Telangana  State  for  May  –  2015  session Departmental Tests Examinations Scheduled t o be held from 04-10-2015 to 09-10-2015 at  all  the  9  District  Head  Quarters  of  Telangana  State   (Ranga  Reddy  District  clubbed  with  Hyderabad).           2. The Tests will be held in accordance with the A .P Departmental Tests Rules – 1965 as  per the Governments letter (No.559/Ser.C/A2/2014, d t: 22-1-2015)             HYDERAB AD DEPARTMENTAL TESTS- MAY - 2015 SESSION NOTIFICATION NO. 05/2015 TSPSC DEPT TESTS-MAY 2015 Notification Last Dt:31 -08-2015 at tspsc.gov.in      
    3. The Candidates are instructed to pay an amount   of Rs. 50/- towards application fee in  addition to the Examination fee of Rs.50/- for each  paper.  Application Form, Time-Table and other   details are available in the Commission’s Website  http://www.tspsc.gov.in Applicants shall apply  the  Departmental  Test  for  May  2015  Session  examinations  through  ON-LINE  ONLY  from  05/08/2015 to 31/08/2015 Important Dates to Remember:

    1.  Date of Issue of Notification :29-07 -2015  
    2. Date of Commencement of  applying on-line: :05-08-2015  
    3. Last date for applying  on-line:  :31 -08-2015   
    4. Schedule of Examinations:  :04-1 0-2015 to  09-10-2015 

     Note :  1. The candidates are instructed to read the not ification thoroughly before applying. For any  details and clarifications the candidates are advis ed to visit Commission’s Official web-site  http://www.tspsc.gov.in . Handwritten/Typed/Photostat/Printed application f orms will not be  entertained.
    2. The candidates are instructed to be careful whil e submitting the details at the time of  submission of on-line application as the details on ce submitted cannot be amended at all. It  is  candidate’s  responsibility  that  the  details  subm itted  are  true  and  genuine.  No  representation or request in what so ever manner wi ll be entertained in this regard.                3. The candidates are instructed to note that the  wrong bubbling of any part of OMR Sheet  cannot  be  amended  at  all.  The  use  of  whitener  and  o ver  writing,  if  any,  and  improper  bubbling leads to invalidation of answer sheet.   ELIGIBILITY TO APPEAR FOR THE TEST (S): (i)     ONLY  THE  EMPLOYEES  WORKING  IN  THE  RESPECTIVE  DE PARTMENTS  of  Telangana  State  ARE  ELIGIBLE  TO  APPLY  FOR  THE  TESTS   MENTIONED  BELOW.   However, Secretariat employees wherever the rules p ermit are allowed to appear for any  Departmental Test in order to get eligibility for a ppointment by transfer/ promotion to other  Services, on payment of the prescribed fee.

    1.  a)  Commercial Taxes Department: Paper Code No:6& 7.  (Written Examination)  
    2. b)  Treasuries and Accounts Department:  Paper  Code  N o:  31,46,64,79,89,100,114  and  129.  N.B :-  Typists-cum-Assts.  working  in  Finance  and  Planning  (Finance  Wing)  are  also  eligible to appear for the Treasuries & Accounts Service Examination. 
    3. c)  Sericulture Department:  Paper Code No:32,47,65 ,80,90,101,115,130 and 143.  
    4. d)  Mines & Geology Department:         Paper Code No: 150  only.  
    5. e)  Divisional Test:                       Paper Code No: 30, 63, 81,11 3 & 138.  
    6. f)  Works Accounts Service:              Paper Code No: 44, 78,  99, and 128.  
    7. g)  Workshop Officers:                   Paper Code No: 14 & 29. 
    8.  h)  T.S. Public Service Commission:      Paper Code No: 1 49.  

    2 N.B:    The respective Service Rules should be referred to  by the candidates for deciding  the eligibility or otherwise to apply for the Tests .  (ii)     The following Tests bearing Paper Code numbers  are open to all, whether the applicant is  in Government Service or not. Paper Code No. 5, 8,  10, 18, 19, 27, 28, 36, 43, 45, 49, 62,  67, 77, 98, 108, 127, 136, 137, 141, 142, 144 to 14 8 and 155.  (iii)  Other  Tests  can  be  written  by  any  Government  Servan t,  whether  working  in  the  same  Department  or  not  THOSE WHO  HAVE  ALREADY  PASSED  THE   TEST  SHOULD  NOT  APPLY AGAIN. IF ANY SUCH CASE COMES TO THE NOTICE O F THE COMMISSION,  HE/SHE  IS  LIABLE  FOR  SEVERE  DISCIPLINARY  ACTION  BY  THE  DEPARTMENT  BESIDES CANCELLATION OF THE TEST PASSED SECOND TIME  BY HIM/HER.

    How to apply:   

    STEP  1 :- The  candidates  have  to  login  to  the  website  ( www.tspsc.gov.in )  and  enter  his/her  particulars such as name, father’s name, date of bi rth and papers to be applied, Mobile Number,  email-ID etc., While filling the same, the candidates have to ensure that there are no mistakes in it. The Commission bears no responsibility for the mistakes, if any, made by the candidates.
    STEP  2:-Immediately on entering the above details, the applicant will get payment gateway
    STEP  3 :- The applicant should pay the prescribed fee as specified under through any of the four  modes of payment online. Separate instructions have  to be followed for each mode of payment.  STEP.4 :- After payment of fee, the PDF Application will be generated which contains the particulars  furnished by the candidates. The ID No in the PDF Application form has to be quoted for future  reference/correspondence.
    4.  REMITTANCE OF FEE: (i)     a) THE FEE PAYABLE FOR EACH PAPER mentioned in  the Time-Table of this notification  SHALL BE Rs. 50/- (RUPEES FIFTY ONLY). However, no  fee is prescribed for the Tests in  Gujarathi and Marwari Languages.              
    b) As mentioned above, the applicants should pay  Rs.50/- towards application fee in  addition to the examination fee of  Rs.50/- for eac h paper, payable to the Secretary, T.S. Public  Service Commission, Hyderabad through Net-Banking/I MPS/Debit/Credit Card from  05-08-2015 to 31-08-2015.            
    c)  The  fee  once  remitted,  shall  not  be  refunded  o r  adjusted  under  any  circumstances..  Failure  to  pay  the  examination  fee,   application  fee  will  entail  total  rejection  of  application. As per existing Rules(combined A.P),   Government removed all fee exemptions vide  G.O.Ms.No. 360, General Administration (Services-C)  Department, dated: 16/08/2002.  The list of  Banks providing service for the purpose of on line  remittance of fee is givenhereunder.

    TSPSC DEPT TESTS-MAY 2015 Notification Last Dt:31 -08-2015 at tspsc.gov.in 5 8.  IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES :-
    1. The duration of examination is two hours for obj ective type tests  and three hours for descriptive  type tests  2. Candidates applying for Translation Test (Paper  Code No. 19 and 28) should invariably mention  the language for Paper Code No. 28.   3. Second Class Language Test will be held in vario us Languages, i.e., Telugu, Hindi, Kannada,  Marathi, Oriya, Tamil & Urdu.
    4.  In the case of Gujarathi and Marwari Language T ests (Paper Code Nos. 6 & 7), the Application  should be forwarded by the Head of the Department a s an evidence to claim his/her eligibility  as per relevant Rules.
    5.  Special  Language  Test  for  Officers  of  Education  Department  of  Higher  Standard/Lower  Standard/and  the  Translation  Test,  will  be  conducte d  in  Telugu/Urdu/Hindi/Tamil/Kannada/  Oriya/Marathi. The Candidate should also opt the la nguage in which he/she desires to appear  in addition to English for the Translation Test in  the Application Form. Otherwise the Application  will be rejected.
    6.  Special  Language  Test  for  Officers  of  Education  Department  (Advanced  Standard)  will  be  conducted in Telugu and Urdu only.
    7. Staff of the Survey and Land Records Department  may answer “Surveyor's Test" Higher Grade/  Lower Grade and "Survey& Settlement Surveyor's Test " Higher Grade/ Lower Grade, in one  language only i.e., either in English or Telugu or  Urdu.
    8. Candidates possessing Law Degree can seek exempt ion from passing 1st and 2nd papers of   Criminal Judicial Test Such candidates must furnish  the information in the Application Form.   (See instruction under Para 5(d) of the Notificatio n). Others should however appear for all the  papers at a time for Criminal Judicial Test as per  rules.
     9. Candidates applying for "Deputy Inspectors Test"  have to appear for all the three papers in their  first attempt. In subsequent attempts, however, the y can appear for each paper separately.  For  Papers  on  "Educational  Statistics"  Public  Instructi ons  Report  for  the  year  1980-81  is  prescribed. The candidates who have applied previou sly should furnish the information in the  Application Form.
    10. Candidates should pass all the parts of Second  Class/Third Class Language Tests at atime as  per  the  revised  scheme  of  examination  in  terms  of  e xisting  G.O.Ms.No.  190,  GA  (Ser.  C)  Department, dt: 18/04/2002.However, candidates appe aring for Paper Codes 5, 6 and 7will be  admitted to the Parts B, C & D (Viva-Voce) only, if  they pass the  Part-A  Written Examination.  They will be informed the date and place of the Ora l Test  separately at appropriate time.
    11. The Question Papers for Departmental Tests will  generally be in English only. However for (i)  "Surveyor’s  Test"  (Higher  Grade/  Lower  Grade)  (ii)  “Survey  and  Settlement  Surveyor’s  Test"(Higher Grade/ Lower Grade) and (iii) "Transla tion Tests", the question papers will be in  the chosen language, besides English.
    12. You will not be admitted to the Examination Hal l TEN minutes after  the commencement. You  should not leave the examination hall till the expi ry of the full time.
    13. While coming to examination hall, please bring  your hall ticket, smooth writing pad, ball point  pen (Blue/Black).
    14. You are permitted to use calculators, scientifi c calculators, but you are not allowed to bring  programmable calculators, cell phones, pagers and o ther electronic gadgets to the examination  hall.  
    15. Please check the Answer Sheet and read the inst ructions on it as well as test booklet  carefully.  You should write with  PEN  your Hall Ticket Number, Paper Codes, Name,  Subject, Centre at appropriate places only. Writing  with Pen at wrong places will lead to  invalidation of your Answer Sheet.
    16. You should put your signature and get the signa ture of the invigilator at the appropriate  places in the Answer Sheet.
    17.  You  will  be  supplied  carbonless  OMR  Answer  Sheet  co nsisting  of  two  copies,  the  original copy and the duplicate copy below. Do not  attempt to separate or displace  them  while  answering  and  after  completion  of  examin ation  you  should  hand  over  the  Original  OMR  Sheet  (top  sheet)  to  the  invigilat or  and  carry  the  bottom  sheet  (duplicate) for his/her record.  6 18.  You  should  use  only  Ball  Point  Pen  (Blue/Black)  to  encode  your  Hall  Ticket  Number,  Paper Code and Test Booklet Series (A or B or C or  D)and for bubbling of Answers  at  appropriate  places  in  the  Answer  Sheet.  Failure  to  encode/wrong  encoding  will  lead to invalidation of Answer Sheet. Use of whiten er is prohibited and it will lead to  invalidation of Answer Sheet.
    19. You should not mark Answer Choices on the Test  Booklet (Question Paper) under any  circumstances.
    20. You are prohibited from communicating, consulting or conversing with other candidates in  the Examination hall or causing disturbances in any  manner whatsoever.
    21.  You  should  compulsorily  handover  the  Answer  She et  to  invigilator  after  completion  of  Examinations otherwise action will be initiated as  per rules.
    22.  Penal  provisions  of  the  A.P.  Public  Examination s  (Prevention  of  Mal  practice  &  Unfair  Means)  Act  1997  (Act  No.25/97)  shall  be  invoked  if  malpractice  &  Unfair  means  are  adopted by you, at any stage of examination and you  will be debarred from writing any  TSPSC examination in future.  23. Your admission to the examination is provisiona l, subject to satisfy the eligibility and other  conditions as laid down in the Notification.
    24. Violation of any of the instruction may lead to  invalidation of your Answer Sheet besides  penal action.
    25. Candidates appearing for “Survey Department Tes ts” should bring their own set of instruments  such as scales and bits and Scientific Calculators,  if any, required for answering the question.  Special Forms, if any required for Survey Department Test will be supplied to the candidates in  the examination hall.
    27. The candidate should read the instructions care fully given on the backside of Barcode Answer  Sheet, which is attached to the Main Answer Book an d fill-in the columns of Barcode Answer  Sheet legibly and encode properly in Examination Ha ll. For any Violation, the answer script will  be invalidated.
    29. The candidate should read the instructions care fully given along with the Hall Ticket and follow  it scrupulously. Any violation will be viewed seriously and suitable action will be taken besides  cancellation of candidature as per rules. The candidate is also advised to retain his/her Hall- ticket for future purpose with attestation of Chief  Superintendent of the examination centre.
    30. The application of the candidate is admitted provisionally subject to reconciliation of the fee  from the   Bank.  9.  PUBLICATION OF RESULTS :  i.  The  results  of  the  candidates  who  are  provisionally   declared  to  have  passed  the  Tests will be displayed on the Notice Board of the  Commission’s Office.  The results  of  the  Departmental  Tests  will  be  available  in  the  Commission’s  Official  Website  “ http://www.tspsc.gov.in   which  would  be  considered  as  authentic  publication   for  extending  all  benefits  to  the  candidates  who  are  pr ovisionally  declared  to  have  passed the Tests"  Vide existing Go.Ms.No.591, dt:20-10-2011.   No individual pass certificate will be issued to th e candidates by the Commission.


    1. Schedule of Examinations:  :04-1 0-2015 to  09-10-2015 





    TSPSC DEPT TESTS- Notification Results at tspsc.gov.in Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Rafi Mahammad


    1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news i am also TSPSC candidate most of website are down due to heavy traffic so i have found direct link to check TSPSC Departmental Test Admit Card 2015 here is the links bellow:

      TSPSC Departmental Test Admit Card 2015 - www.tspsc.gov.in

      TSPSC Departmental Test Hall Ticket 2015 - www.tspsc.gov.in

      TSPSC Departmental Test Admit Card 2015 - www.tspsc.gov.in

      TSPSC Departmental Test Hall Ticket 2015 - www.tspsc.gov.in

    2. Thanks for sharing this wonderful news i am also TSPSC candidate most of website are down due to heavy traffic so i have found direct link to check TSPSC Departmental Test Admit Card 2015 here is the links bellow:

      TSPSC Departmental Test Admit Card 2015 - www.tspsc.gov.in

      TSPSC Departmental Test Hall Ticket 2015 - www.tspsc.gov.in

      TSPSC Departmental Test Admit Card 2015 - www.tspsc.gov.in

      TSPSC Departmental Test Hall Ticket 2015 - www.tspsc.gov.in


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