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    AP,TS Notifications 2017

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    Andhra Pradesh



    DEO SRIKAKULAM Promotions Seniority List 2017 at srikakulamdeo.com

    DEO SRIKAKULAM  DEO SKLM at srikakulamdeo.com AP Teachers Transfers 2017, Promotions, Academic Calendar, Provisional Seniority List  Teachers Promotions 2017 SKLM DEO at www.srikakulamdeo.com visit official website

    DEO SRIKAKULAM Manual Teachers Transfers 2017 at srikakulamdeo.com

     Profarma and seniority list September month Click Here

    SA 1 Answer Key with solutions Click Here

     Niter state teachers transfers 2017 Guidelines

    Download Order Copy Teachers Transfers 2017

    Vacancies List Click Here
    Counselling Required Proformas Download Here 
    Tentative seniority list 18.07.17

    Objections 19.07.17 to 20.07.17

    Final list 21.07.17

    H.M's PD'S p.e.t's :-22.07.17

    SA languages and pandits :-23.07.17to 24.07.17

    SA-Non languages 25.07.17to 26.07.17.

    Sgt's 27.07.17 to 31.07.17
    Deo Srikakulam

    Subject Wise Vacancies On 16-07-2017 
    IV Category Schools List 2015, 2009,2011 Click Here
    SGT SA, PS HM LFL All Vacancies List  Updated 14-07-2017 Click Here
    AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Manual Counselling
    G.O NO
    Manual Counselling 
    How to conduct Transfers 2017 Guidelines Click Here
    AP GO 43 
    New Transfers rules in Teachers Transfers 2017 Click Here
    AP GO 42 
    Rationalisation Norms Released Click Here
    CSE AP
     Latest News For Transfers 2017 Click Here

    SNo. Transfers topicComplete Details
    1AP GO 31
    Transfers rules schedule guidelines released Click Here
    2AP GO 32 Perfomance Points Changed in Some categories Click Here
    3AP GO 33Rationalisation Norms Changed below 20 school click Here
    4  RC 190

    Tentative Schedule Online Application Guidelines Released Click Here

    AP GO 38 New Performance Points in AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Click Here

      Online Application AP Teachers Transfers Available Now Click Here 

    LFL & SA RETIREMENT NOTICE JULY-2017 to AUG-2017 Click Here

    G.O NO 31 Teachers transfers 2017 Schedule Guidelines Click Here

      Rationalisation 2017 New Norms G.O 29 Available Here

    AP Teachers Transfers U-DISE Strength Particulars 2016-2017 Click Here

    Area wise strength Particulars Click Here

    SNo.  Calendar 2016-17AP School Academic Year 2016-17 Schedule 
    1  Ap School Calendar
    AP School Academic year 2016-17 Click Here
    2  Badi Pilustondi AP Rc 19 badi pilustondi Programme Schedule Click Here
    3  Time Table Download PS, UP, HS Click Here

    * AE CE Special Teachers Orders Click Here
    Provisional Seniority list as on 24-03-2017 Click Here
     Final List Released Click Here
    SSC Spot list Click Here
    . Paper Validation of S.A 3 Exams March 2017 Click Here
    AP SA 3 Exams Time Table Click Here
    Transfers related all proceedings
    SNo.  G.O NONAME
    1  Transfers 2017 Dated 01-03-2017
    GO 55 23-04-2011
    New Dates Released Click Here
    Rationalization  Ratio Click Here
    2  GO 63 31-08-2015Ap Teachers general transfers rules  Click Here
    3  G.O 66 02-09-2015 AP Teachers tTransfersservice Calculation Click Here
    4  RC 25  Draft Rationalization Click Here
    5  RC 25 02-09-2015Rationalization Ratio Posts/Teachers Click Here
    6  RC 25 09-09-2015  Guidelines to HeadmastersClick Here
    7  RATIONALIZATION 13 Dists Rationalisation list Click Here
    8Online Application   Apply Between 01-05-2017 to 03-05-2017  Click Here
    9   Schedule Web Counselling Schedule Click Here
    10   Vacancy  Select your Dist Click Here
    11  Arising Vacancy Coming soon
    12  Asar Report AAS 2015 SURVEY Click Here
    13 Needed Certificates All type of Certificates Click Here
      SA 2 Exams Time Table Click Here

      *Model PPapers,Syllabus Click Here
      *H.M's Data Submission Form Click Here
      SA1 Paper Valuation Click Here
      Prathibha Awards 2016 Click Here
      *Promotions September Month Download Here
      Vacancies upto August 27-08-2016 Click Here
      Vacancies is on August 2016 Click Here
      *Promotions July Month Click Here
      Mac Selection List Click Here 
      Complaint Box Enter Your Complaint 180031302016

      SRIKAKULAM DEO SRIKAKULAM Promotion Vacancies August 2016 at   PROMOTIONS Aug 2016  

      **Appeal format is attached in General Proformas link                

      Date of Certificate Verification : 30.08.2016 at 9 am                 

       Date of Promotion Counselling  : 30.08.2016 Available Now Click Here

       Revised SSC 2016 SPOT Subject wise Click Here
      Srikakulam dist SGT and Grade 2 Promotion list  Click Here
      High School Vacancies is on 16-05-2016 Click Here
      Primary and Upper Primary Vacancies is on  16-05-2016 Click Here

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