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    AP Rc No 25 Dated:09-09-2015 Guidelines of modified Rationalization

    AP #Rc No 25 Dated:09-09-2015 Modified  Rationalization guidelines. ap rc 25, AP RC 25 dated 09-09-2015, ap teachers transfers 2015 schedule, AP Teachers Transfers 2015-Rules, rc 25 primary school rationalization, 
    Rc.No.  25/Estt.  III/2015  Dated:09-09-2015


    Sub:-  School Education Rationalization transfers Headmasters Teachers-Guidelines Issued-Regarding. 
                                       In continuation of the orders issued in the reference 3rd read above,  al the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational officers in the State are informed that,  some of the District Educational Officers and certain teacher associations have requested for clarifications!  modifications.  After examining the issue,  the following instructions guidelines are issued for taking necessary action i the matter

      1)  Rationalisation: 
    1.  i)  Rationalisation in respect of the identified Adarsha Pradhamika Patasala(Model Primary School shall be taken up as per the norms given in G.oMs.No.39,  Edn.,  dated 07.08.2015 to G.0.  Ms.No.  51,  Edn.,  dated 07.08.2015 issued to the respective districts.
    2. ii)  Afer issue of  GOs,  certain representations were received by the Department that,  some of the Primary Schools are consolidated without justification.  Primary Schools with over Be enrollment are not identified as Model Primary Schools,  etc.  All the District Educational cfficers Regional Jaint Directors of School Education were instructed in csE Rc.No.  25/Estt.llL2015,  dated 08.08.2015 to once again re-verify the list of selected schools and submit the modifications required,  if any.  All the District Educational officers have submitted the revised lists.  Government orders will be issued as proposed by the DEOs ean while the District Educational Officers should take further action o the revised final lists of the Adarsha Pradhamika Paatasala(Model Primary Schools)  as proposed by them for rationalization/ transfers
    3.  iii)For all the primary schools(other than Mode Primary Schools)  including the positively consolidated schools,  the norms prescribed in G.O Ms.  No.55,  Edn dated 23.04.2011 and relevant provision of G O.Ms.No.61,  Edn dated 16.05.2011 should be followed.  
    4. iv)  Only rationalization of Primary schools should be taken up primary sections in upper primary schools should not be included.  
    5. v)  The LFL HM(PSHM)  should be provided(a)  to the Aadarsha Pradhamika Paatasala(Model Primary School)  Where the enrollment is nore than 130(by the balance of LFL HM(PSHM)  post may be allotted to the Mandals proportionate to the enrolment in descending order either to Aadarsha Pradhamika Paatasala(Model Primary School or to other primary schools  at www.teacher4us.com

    2)  Identification of surplus post teacher 

    a)  In respect of Aadarsha Pradhamika Paatasala(Model Primary Schoo)  and Positive Consolidation of Schools,  the posts junior teachers from the less enrollment schools to more enrollment schools shall be identified as surplus In case a senior is willing to go,  he may be transferred.  
    b)  For all other primary schools the junior most teacher in the school shall be identified as a surplus teacher.  In case senior teacher(s)  prefers to leave the school senior teacher(s)  shall be identified as surplus.  

    3)  The cut off date

    (a)  The cut off date is to be taken as 31.08.2015 as per G.o Ms.No.66,  Edn.,  dated 02.09.2015 for the purpose of transfer. 
    (b)  For the purpose of enrolment the Aadhaar seeded data available upto April,  2015 shall be taken into consideration. (as no authentic or updated data after April,  2015 is readily available)  as rationalization exercise is usually undertaken on the basis of previous years enrollment.
    1. (a)  The teachers who were given transfer orders in the year 2013 and who were not relieved for want of substitute may be relieved after Rationalization exercise and if need is established in the opted transfer place.
    2.  (b)  where the need is not established after rationalization exercise,  all such transfer orders issued in the year 2013 may be cancelled to allow them for apply for online transfer in the present counseling(as per Govt.  Memo No.13329Ser.ll/2012,  Dated:  16.06.2015
    3. (c)  The teachers who were transferred in the counseling in the year 2013 and not relieved for want of substitute,  and not willing to be relieved now,  all such transfer orders may be Cancelled(as per Govt.  Memo No.  50315/Ser.IllA2/2015,  dated o3.09.2015
    4.  if they have not completed 8 years special Points:  The President General Secretary of all recognised Teacher Associations will get the special points.  

                                                                                          K. SANDHYA RANI
     Commissioner of School Education 
    To All the Regional Joint Directors of school Education in the State. 
     All the District Educational Officers in the State True Copy Assist Director

    AP Rc No 25 Dated:09-09-2015 Guidelines of modified Rationalization Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Rafi Mahammad


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