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    G.O 30 Introduction of A.P.Private Universities (Establishment and Regulation) Bill, 2015

    G.O 30 andhra pradesh, ap go 30, ap go 30 dated 01-09-2015, Private Universities Establishment and Regulation Bill 2015, ap private universities rules, ap private universities go no 30   G.O.Ms.No. 30 Dated :01-09-2015. Introduction of Ä.P. Private Universities in the State of Andhra Pradesh Higher Education – Introduction of Ä.P. Private Universities  in the State of Andhra 
    Pradesh – Orders – Issued.
    G.O.Ms.No. 30                                                                                                         
    Dated :01-09-2015.
                     G.O.Rt.No. 420, Higher Education (UE) Department, dated 18-10-2014

    O R D E R:

                As the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh has been left bereft of several  reputed institutions and there is an imminent need for infusing investment in the  realm of higher education, the Government has now proposed the “A.P. Private Universities (Establishment and Regulation) Bill, 2015”.   The State Government has already declared its intention to develop Andhra Pradesh 
    as “A Knowledge Hub” which would provide high quality, research oriented and  industry relevant education.  Considering the massive targets that are involved and  the budgetary constraints, Private Universities will play a supportive role in the  State’s endeavour to establish educational institutions of international standards so  as to attract students from the State as well as other States and abroad and to enable  to achieve national objectives of better access, equity and excellence in higher education.

    2.         There are at present over 190 university-level institutions in the country set up  and managed as self-financed institutions.  These institutions have succeeded in  imparting undergraduate education on a mass scale.  However, barring a few  exceptions, the contribution of these universities to research is not encouraging.  Changing their mindset from just teaching to research and learning marks a challenge.  This challenge calls for an altogether novel approach in setting up of a new 
    private university.  Accordingly, the proposed private universities should be 
    “Greenfield Universities” with commitment to excellence in Education and Research.
    3.         In the reference read above, orders were issued constituting a High  Power Committee with Sri Asutosh Mishra, IAS (Retd.), Prof. P. Rama Rao, former Vice-Chancellor, University of Hyderabad, Prof. M.S. Prasada Rao (Retd.),  Andhra University, Prof. V.S. Rao, Director, BITS, Pilani and Chairman, APSCHE  as Member-Convener for suitable suggestions.  The said Committee after detailed deliberations and discussions, has brought out the draft “A.P. Private Universities (Establishment and Regulation) Bill, 2015”. 
     4.         The draft “A.P. Private Universities (Establishment and Regulation) Bill, 
    2015” has been prepared in the form of a compendious Act that contains the objects 
    of the University, Procedure for establishing the  University, Power and Functions, 
    Officers and authority of the University, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations, Funds
     of the University and Procedure for winding up of University, etc.

    5.         The salient features of the proposed Bill are as follows:

    i)             Any sponsoring body can be a Society registered under 
    Societies Registration Act, 1860 OR A.P. Societies Registration Act, 2001 OR 
    Indian Trusts Act, 1882 OR a Company registered under Companies Act
     (Section 6 & 7).
    ii)            The Screening Committee constituted by the A.P. State Council of
     Higher Education will consider the proposal based on the financial soundness 
    and experience of the sponsoring body as well as the potentiality of the 
    courses relevant to the various development sectors and society in general              (Section 8).


    iii)           Government would authorize the A.P. State Council of Higher Education

     to issue the Letter of Intent (Section10).
    iv)           If the Government is satisfied that the sponsoring body has complied 
    with the conditions of ‘Letter of intent’, it will bring appropriate Legislation for
     inclusion of the name of the University in Schedule-I.
    v)            The Government shall have power to direct any upwards revision 
    of Endowment Fund.
    vi)           The Endowment Fund shall be invested in such instruments as 
    the Government may prescribe and kept invested until the dissolution of 
    the university. 
    vii)The particulars of Endowment Fund, land requirements, space requirements, books and journals, equipment and infrastructure, academic departments 
    and faculty, I.T. infrastructure are mentioned in Schedule-II.
    viii)        The admission fee structure will be as prescribed.
    ix)           The dissolution of the sponsoring body and the university will be in such a manner as prescribed (Section 43).

    6.         Government have examined the matter and decided that there is a 
    necessity of encouraging private investments by top national and international higher 
    education institutions in Andhra Pradesh State, to promote human 
    resource development, research, innovation and industrial development.  
    Accordingly Government hereby direct the Secretary, A.P. State Council of 
    Higher Education to put the Andhra Pradesh Private Universities (Establishment 
    and Regulation) Bill 2015  on A.P.State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE) 
    web site for discussion in public domain for next one month (from 1-30 September 2015). The said Bill is appended to this order.

    7.         The Secretary, APSCHE, AP, Hyderabad shall take necessary action                      in the matter.


                                                                                                                           SUMITA DAWRA
                                                                                                      SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT

    The Secretary, A. P. State Council of Higher Education,
             Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.          
    Copy to:
               The P.S. to Principal Secretary to Chief Minister
                            The P.S. to Minister for Human Resource Development
                            The P.S. to Chief Secretary to Government
                            The P.S. to Secretary to Higher Education Department
                            The P.S. to Secretary Law Department
                            The G.A.(Cabinet) Deptt.


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