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    TSDEECET-2016 web counselling Certificate Verification

    #TSDEECET-2016  TSDEECET-2016 web counselling certificate verification and web counselling Schedule.
    TSDEECET-2016 web counselling Phase 2 Schedule 

    TSDEECET Phase 3 Web Counselling 
    TS DIETCET tsdeecet
    TsDEECET  2015 Phase 3 Counselling Schedule
    Check List 
    TSDEECET Phase 2 Check List
    Rank Cards 
     TSDEECET Phase 3 Rank Cards 
    Web Options
    TSDEECET Phase 3  Web Options
    Hall tickets
    TSDEECET Phase 3 Hall tickets Here
    Check List
    TSDEECET  Check List
    TSDEECET Phase 2 Payment 

    TS DEECET 2015 Phase 2 Web Counselling Guidelines and Verification Check List

    INSTRUCTIONS TO THE CANDIDATES TS DEECET Phase 2 Web Counselling Guidelines  FOR SUBMISSION OF WEB BASED COUNSELING #tsdeecet.cgg.gov.in, ts deecet, tsdeecet, Phase 2 Web counselling, schedule ts, dietcet, deecet.cgg.gov.in, Details below
    1. Candidates seeking into Admissions into Two Year D.El.Ed Course in the
    State for 2015-17 batch will be made as per the rank obtained in DEECET 2015
    through Web Based Counseling.
    2. The process of admission involves three stages:
    1.  Online submission of preferences of colleges through Web Based counseling. 
    2. Allotment of seats and download of Provisional Admission Letter. Issue of Final Admission Letter after verification of certificates and payment of course fee at the district level venue identified by the Chairman DEECET 2015 and on the dates given on the Provisional Admission Letter.
    3.  The Web Based Counseling in Phase 2 will be conducted from 18-02-2016 to 22-02-2016.
    4. To begin with, download the list of kept on the website http://tsdeecet.cgg.gov.in
    5.  For submission of preferences (options) pay a fee of Rs.60/- at any of the APONLINE centers giving your minimum details and obtain Transaction ID / Journal Number.
    6. After obtaining the Transaction ID / Journal Number login to the website http://tsdeecet.cgg.gov.in and Click on the link ‘Submission of Preferences for Admission’. 
    7.  The list of districts will be displayed on the screen. Select the districts into which you wish to seek admission. The list of colleges in those districts will be displayed. 
    8. Follow the ‘On Screen’ instructions and messages that are given during the course of selection of your preferences (Colleges).
    9. Before pressing the ‘Submit’ button please check thoroughly the preferences submitted by you (by the candidates) 
    10. After submission of preferences download the PDF of submitted  preferences list and read the Declaration and Disclaimers. 
    11.  Each candidate will be allowed to change their preferences (options) submitted by them for two times between 18-02-2016 to 22-02-2016.
    12.  Submission of preferences through Web Based Counseling is not the end of admission procedure. It is only registration for admission. Admissions will be made exclusively in the order of merit. 
    13. There is no limit to the number of preferences (options) of colleges to be given. The chances of allotment of seat will be more if the number of preferences of colleges submitted is more. 
    14. If you are provisionally selected for admission to any of the colleges opted by you will be sent through SMS on your mobile. Download the Provisional Admission Letter from 26-02-2016 onwards from http://deecet.cgg.gov.in and follow guidelines given on it with regard to certificate verification and fee payment. 
    15. Final Admission Letter will be issued after verification of Certificates at the district level venue (at Government DIET Colleges of the Concerned District) on the dates given in the Provisional Admission Letter


    Above      45 marks 
    1. 08-09-2015    44- 40 Marks 
    2. 09-09-2015    39 35 Marks 
    3. 10-09-2015 Below 35(SC/ST)
    4. 11-09-15


    1. Eppudandi ranks e year istara next year istara..

    2. రెండేళ్ల డిప్లొమా ఇన్ ఎడ్యుకేషన్(డీఎడ్) కోర్సులో ప్రవేశానికిడీఈఈసెట్ నిర్వహించి రెండు నెలల క్రితమే ఫలితాలు విడుదల చేసిన అధికారులు మరో వారంలో ర్యాంకులు కేటాయించనున్నారు. ఇప్పటివరకు కేవలం పరీక్షల మార్కులు వెల్లడించి ధ్రువపత్రాల పరిశీలన పూర్తి చేశారు. వారికి ఈ నెల మొదటి వారంలోనే ర్యాంకులు ప్రకటిస్తామని అధికారులు భావించినా అమలు కాలేదు. కళాశాలల అనుమతులు పూర్తికాకున్నా నవంబరు 4వ తేదీ నుంచి కౌన్సెలింగ్‌ను ప్రారంభించాలని ప్రాథమికంగా పాఠశాల విద్యాశాఖ అధికారులు నిర్ణయించారు. ఈ క్రమంలో అక్టోబరు 26 లేదా 27న అభ్యర్థులకు ర్యాంకులు కేటాయించనున్నారు.