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    eNPS - CPS PRAN Contributions through eNPS at npstrust.org.in

    eNPS - CPS PRAN Contributions through eNPS.eNPS - CPS PRAN Contributions through eNPS.
    #CPS PRAN Contributions
    Over the years, National Pension System (NPS) has grown in reach by adding new sectors and features. eNPS - an online portal for registration and contribution under NPS- has now been made available on the NPS Trust website (www.npstrust.org.in). Using the facilities available in the eNPS portal, a Subscriber can register under NPS, generate a Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) under All Citizens of India sector and contribute to his/her Permanent Retirement Account. Further, the Subscribers already registered under NPS and having active PRAN can make contributions through eNPS.
    PAN is mandatory for enrollment under eNPS. The subscriber can register online in NPS after a two stages of verification – online PAN verification and KYC authentication.
    Stage 1- online PAN verification. PAN verified online by Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA). Stage 2- KYC verification done by the Bank (as selected by Subscriber).
    The detailed registration and contribution process under eNPS is given below in brief:
    Registration under eNPS:

    For enrolling under eNPS, the Subscriber will visit the NPS Trust Website (www.npstrust.org.in) and access the option of “NPS Online” for registration under eNPS. The access to the eNPS portal is also made available through the CRA website (www.npscra.nsdl.co.in). The subscriber can also directly access the eNPS portal - (https://enps.nsdl.com).
    The Subscriber has to mandatorily provide his/her PAN and Bank Account details which he/she wants to link with the PRAN. The subscriber can select only one of those Banks, which are functioning under eNPS and that Bank will carry out his/her online KYC verification with his/her existing bank account with the selected bank.
    The Subscriber will complete the registration by providing various details such as Personal Details, Contact Details, Bank & Other Details, Scheme & Nomination Details, etc. The Subscriber will upload the scanned image of photograph and signature.
    Once the complete registration details are provided, the Subscriber will be required to pay initial contribution through Payment Gateway Service Provider (PGSP). Subscriber will be routed to the Bank portal (Internet Banking portal) for initial payment.
    On successful payment of initial contribution (Rs. 500 or more), PRAN will be allotted to the Subscriber.
    The PGSP will transfer the contribution amount to NPS Trust account. Subsequently, the contribution will be transferred to Pension Fund Manager (PFM - as opted by the Subscriber)

    for investment. The Subscriber's NPS account will be credited with units allotted by the PFM. Once the units are credited in Subscriber's NPS account, an SMS and Email alert will be sent to the Subscriber for the same.
    PAN & KYC verification:
    On PRAN allotment, PAN will be verified by CRA from Income Tax Department (ITD) database. Subsequently, the Subscriber details will be made available to Bank (selected by the subscriber during registration) for KYC verification.
    Once PRAN is generated under eNPS, the same will be in "Freeze" status in the CRA system till such time Bank confirms that KYC verification has been carried out. On successful KYC verification by Bank, the PRAN will be in "Active" status in the CRA system.
    Contribution under eNPS:
    All existing subscribers (registered through both online and offline mode) with an active Tier I /
    Tier II Account can contribute using ‘eNPS’. To contribute online, a Subscriber, needs to follow the below mentioned simple steps:
    Access the eNPS portal and select the option for contribution payment
    Authenticate his / her PRAN using the OTP (One Time Password) sent to mobile number registered with CRA.
    Make payment through Internet Banking / Debit Card /Credit Card
    Once the contribution details (Tier Type and Amount) are submitted by the Subscriber, the Subscriber will be redirected to the payment gateway, where he/she can pay through Internet Banking / Debit Card /Credit Card. The subsequent processes i.e. credit of units, etc. will be similar to initial contribution processing as mentioned above.
    Despatch of PRAN kit:
    On successful registration, a PRAN will be allotted to the subscriber. A PRAN Kit containing PRAN card, Subscriber details and an information booklet will be sent to the subscriber at address provided during registration.

    The PIN, containing the login credentials required by the subscriber for accessing his/her account over the internet and telephone will be sent through mailers.
    Submission of physical PRAN application:
    On allotment of PRAN, the Subscriber will take a print out of the filled up Registration Form. The printed form will have all the registration details as provided/opted by the Subscriber. In addition to these the form will also have the Acknowledgement Number as well as PRAN generated for the Subscriber printed on it.

    The Subscriber will need to paste coloured photograph, affix signature and submit the form to CRA (at the address mentioned on the form).
    The Subscriber needs to submit form to CRA within 90 days after allotment of PRAN.

     Nodal Office Registration      

    Form N1 : DTA Registration  
    Form N2 : DTO Registration     
    Form N3 : DDO Registration     
    Form N4 : DTO Covering Letter for DDO Registration


    Subscriber Registered Details Modification      

    Form S2 : Subscriber Details Change      
    Form S7 : Subscriber's Photo and Signature Change      
    Form S8 : Covering Letter of DDO for Change in Photo and Signature of Subscriber

     CPS-PRAN Withdrawal Forms      

    Form for Withdrawal on Superannuation for Government Employees      
    Form for Withdrawal before the Age of Normal Superannuation for Government Employees      Form for Withdrawal by Claimant due to Death of Government

     Enter your CPS-PRAN Number Click Here

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