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    AP&TS Roster Points Promotions, Appointments,Recruitment's-2016

    AP&TS Roster Points  Promotions, Appointments,Recruitment's 2016, roster points, ap roster table, ts roster points table, dsc roster poins table, Caste Wise roster ap ts, in Andhra pradsesh and Telangana

    Roster Points Caste wise Reservation wise For Promotions, Newly Recruitment or other appointments 2016-17

    1 Open Competition Women51 Open Competition
    2 Scheduled Castes Women52 Scheduled Castes
    3 Open Competition53 Open Competition
    4 Backward Class (Group-A) Women54 Backward Class (Group-A)
    5 Open Competition55 Open Competition Women
    6 Visually Handicapped Women 56 Orthopaedically Handicapped (Open) 
    7 Scheduled Castes57 Open Competition
    8 Scheduled Tribes Women58 Scheduled Tribes Women
    9 Open Competition59 Open Competition Women
    10 Backward Class (Group-B) Women60 Backward Class (Group-B)
    11 Open Competition61 Open Competition
    12 Open Competition Women62 Scheduled Castes
    13 Open Competition63 Open caste women
    14 Backward Class (Group-C) Women In every 3rd cycle of 100 point roster 64 Backward Class (Group-D) Women
    15 Open Competition65 Open Competition Women
    16 Scheduled Castes66 Scheduled Castes Women
    17 Open Competition Women67 Open Competition
    18 Backward Class (Group-D) Women68 Backward Class (Group-D)
    19 Backward Class (Group-E) Women69 Backward Class (Group-E)
    20 Backward Class (Group-A)70 Backward Class (Group-A)
    21 Open Competition71 Open Competition Women
    22 Scheduled Castes Women72 Scheduled Castes
    23 Open Competition Women73 Open Competition
    24 Backward Class (Group-B)74 Backward Class (Group-B)
    25 Scheduled Tribes75 Scheduled Tribes
    26 Open Competition76 Open Competition
    27 Scheduled Castes77 Scheduled Castes
    28 Open Competition78 Open Competition Women
    29 Backward Class (Group-A)79 Backward Class (Group-A)
    30 Open Competition Women80 Open Competition
    31 Hearing Handicapped (Open) 81 Backward Class (Group-B) Women
    32 Open Competition82 Open Competition
    33 Scheduled Tribes83 Scheduled Tribes
    34 Open Competition Women75 Scheduled Tribes
    35 Backward Class (Group-B)76 Open Competition
    36 Open Competition77 Scheduled Castes
    37 Open Competition78 Open Competition Women
    38 Open Competition Women79 Backward Class (Group-A)
    39 Backward Class (Group-D)80 Open Competition
    40 Open Competition81 Backward Class (Group-B) Women
    41 Scheduled Castes82 Open Competition
    42 Open Competition83 Scheduled Tribes
    43 Backward Class (Group-D)84 Open Competition Women
    44 Backward Class (Group-E)85 Backward Class (Group-B)
    45 Backward Class (Group-A) Women86 Open Competition
    46 Open Competition87 Scheduled Castes Women
    47 Scheduled Castes Women88 Open Competition
    48 Open Competition89 Backward Class (Group-D)
    49 Backward Class (Group-B) Women90 Open Competition Women
    50 Open Competition Women91 Scheduled Castes
    92 Open Competition
    93 Backward Class (Group-D)
    94 Backward Class (Group-E)
    95 Backward Class (Group-B)
    96 Open Competition Women
    97 Scheduled Castes
    98 Open Competition
    99 Backward Class (Group-B) Women
    100 Open Competition

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    AP&TS Roster Points Promotions, Appointments,Recruitment's-2016 Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Rafi Mahammad


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