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    RC No 190 Latest Rules Clarification in Teachers Transfers 2017

    RC No 190 Dated 05-07-2017 Rules Clarification in Teachers Transfers 2017.All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that some of the District Educational Officers have requested for certain clarifications in the reference 8th to 10th read above. In this connection, the following clarifications are issued, and they are requested to take further necessary action in the matter promptly.

    SnoAP RC 190Various Dates
    1  12-07-2017
    Clarification  Click Here
    2  11-07-2017Click Here
    3  05-07-2017Click Here
    4  21-06-2017click Here
    5  CSE,AP,GOV,INLatest News 

    RC No 190 Dated 05-07-2017 Rules Clarification in Teachers Transfers 2017:

    Requested for pre-previous points in respect of Language Pandits and PETs affected due to up gradation of Posts in terms GO Fin & Plg Dt.  02.08.2016.
    Clarification issued:
    The Language Pandits & who are affected under up-gradation of posts to that of SA(Tel/Hin) and SA (PE) and are in the zone of transfers may be allowed points of their pre-previous stations not exceeding maximum 8 academic years 
    The teachers who are transferred in 2015 web counseling opted a place but not relieved due to deficit of teachers in  the said school Requested for  permission to those candidates to such participate in this counseling
    Clarification issued:
    Teachers who were transferred in  2015 web counseling and opted for a place but who could not be relived due r to deficit of teachers in the said o school are allowed to participate in the current counselling
    Who are appointed as SGT/ Jr Asst and later selected as School Assistants in next DSC. The service points are counted from the date of appointment or the date of Selected as School Assistant.
    Clarification issued:
    Service points should be reckoned n from their date of entry into service as e SGT/Jr. Assistant.Pellentesque vitae lectus in mauris sollicitudin ornare sit amet eget ligula. Donec pharetra, arcu eu consectetur semper, est nulla sodales risus, vel efficitur orci justo quis tellus. Phasellus sit amet est pharetra, sodales ipsum et, sodales urna. In massa nisi, faucibus id egestas eu, fringilla sit amet velit. Integer vel dui eget lacus fermentum ornare ac at nisl. Cras justo urna, lacinia vel massa at, tincidunt posuere lectus. Nulla pretium ultrices velit ut malesuada. In arcu sem, elementum at nunc eu, ullamcorper bibendum lorem. Quisque rhoncus lacinia volutpat. Mauris tempus enim ornare neque rutrum mollis. Sed faucibus laoreet malesuada. Nam est enim, vulputate id porta id, maximus sagittis nulla.

    Clarification of RC No 190 Dated 05-07-2017 Rules 

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    *RC No 190 Dated 05-07-2017 Rules Clarification in Teachers Transfers 2017 

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