Minority Pre Matric Scholarships Online Apply Last Date 31-08-2017

National Minority ‘PRE-MATRIC SCHOLARSHIP-2017′ Online Application and renewal Application Apply online at www.scholorships.gov.in. Eligible Students Apply on before 31-08-2017. Students who are belongs to Minority Community in India, include Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states.
Minority Pre Matric Scholorships Online

Minority Pre Matric Scholarships Guidelines:

The Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities was announced
in June, 2006. It provides that a pre-matric scholarship scheme for meritorious students from minority communities would be implemented.
The scholarship at pre-matric level will encourage parents from minority communities to send their school going children to school, lighten their financial burden on school
education and sustain their efforts to support their children to complete school education.
The scheme will form the foundation for their educational attainment and provide a level
playing field in the competitive employment arena. Empowerment through education,
which is one of the objectives of this scheme, has the potential to lead to upliftment of the
socio economic conditions of the minority communities.
The scholarship will be awarded for studies in India in a government or private school from
class I to class X, including such residential Government institutes and eligible private
institutes selected and notified in a transparent manner by the State Government and
Union Territory Administration concerned.
Scholarship will be awarded to the students who have secured not less than 50% marks in
the previous final examination and annual income of their parents/guardian from all
sources does not exceed Rs. 1 lakh.
Pre Metric scholarship scheme of 2017-18 registration of applications through online Intimation Request fo coverage of applications of all Minority students Advice all MEO-Reg Ref: Video conference by V.C & M.D., APSMFC, Vijayawada, dt.02.08.2017 implementing With reference to the above, you might be aware that Government of India is Since many Pre Metric scholarships to Minority students in the state of Andhra Pradesh years Last year, Pre metric scholarships has been released to 21891 Minority students in the district to various schools through online process by Government of India Now, for the current year, 2017-18, the online process has been launched by Government of India for applying by Minority students from class I-X In this connection, you are requested to bestow your kind attention dnd advice all Mandal Educational officers under your control and the Dy. EO as for motivating Minority students in the Mandals for covering all Minority students for registering their application for sanction of Pre Metric scholarships through online hrr scholarships gov.in Eligibilit All communities are eligible (Muslims, Christians SikhsJains,Bhudhist,Parsis) minority Self declaration annual income below Rs.1.00 lakhs p.a More that 50% marks awarded in the previous class are eligible Two students from one family can apply Scholarships will be awarded basing on the merit of marks secured and annual income of parents. The filled in online applications should be submitted to Head Masters concerned for online validation by the students Last date for registering application is 31″ August,2017 You are requested to issue neccssary instructions to all Government and Recognized schools for validation of applications by logging in the above site for onward forwarding of applications through online onl is once again requested to issue necessary instructions in this regard to all schools through your Mandal Level officers. Yours faithfully, copy all the Executive Director to Mandal Educational officers for taking necessary action.

Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and Zoroastrians (Parsis) have been notified as
minority communities under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act,
1992. The distribution of scholarship among the States/Union Territories will be made on the
basis of population of minorities in the States/Union Territories of Census 2001.(*This would be  changed when figures of 2011 Census is available).
30% of scholarship will be earmarked for girl students. In case sufficient number of eligible
girl students are not available, then the balance earmarked scholarships may be awarded
to eligible boy students.
As the number of scholarships for minorities available in a year is fixed and limited it is
necessary to lay down preference for selection. Inter-se selection weightage is to be given
to poverty rather than marks. In case of the renewal applications, such applications would
be fully exhausted before the new applications are considered.
The scholarships will be provided for the entire course. Maintenance allowance will be
given for 10 months only in an academic year.
The scholarship, once awarded, may be renewed during next academic year of the
course on the production of certificate that the student has secured 50% marks.

*Apply Here for Online Application Portal http://scholarships.gov.in