AP Ramjan-2016 Permission to All Muslim Employees in all Depts

AP Ramjan-2015  DATED:18.06 2015 CIRCULAR MEMO748/POLL A/A2/2015
 Permission to All Muslim Employees in all Depts AP Ramjan-2015 Permission to All Muslim Employees in all Depts  DATED:18.06 2015 

 CIRCULAR MEMO748/POLL A/A2/2015 DATED:18.06 2015 
FESTIVALS Ramzan Festival Permission to all Govt.  Employees of AP belonging to Muslim Religion including Teachers Outsourcing to leave Offices Schools early by an hour during the month of Ramzan from 19-6-2015 to 187 2015 both Gays inclusive  Accorded.
  1. From State 14.5.2015 President,  SUTA(AP).  LrNo.13SUTA2015 dated: 14-05-2015. 
  2. From AP Minority Employees Welfare Association,  Hyderabad Lr.No.  136/2015,  dt.18.5.2015 
  3. Govt.  Letter No.74a/PdWA2/2015-1,  Dated 27.05.2015 
  4. From Managing Committee,  Letter dated:  NIL Mussallyan-E-Mas id-E-Hashmi,  Hyderabad,  
  5.   From President,  AP.  Revenue Services Association.  Letter dt 10.6.2015 

Government hereby permit all the Emplayees of Andhra Pradesh belonging to Muslim Religion including Teachers and out-sourcing employees   to leave their offices employees working in Government at 4.00 p.m.  on all working days during the Holy Month of”Ramzan from 19.06.2015 to 18.07.2015(both days inclusive)  to perform necessary rituals,  except when their presence is required due to exigencies of services during the said period. 

(Pou)  All the Departments of secretariat.  
All the Heads of Departments District Magistrates in Andnra Pradesh Collectors The Director of School Education,  Hyderabad.  
Requested to give vide publicity through the media)  Hyderabad(He is Information&  Public Relations,  The Commissioner,  
Copy to:  c M/Chief Secretary.  Secy(Pall).  The P.  
5.  to Prl Welfare Department The Minorities Administration(Swi B Pal.c)  Department The General The Chief executive officer,  AP State wakf Board,  Hyderabad Hyderabad.  Hyderabad.  Director,  APSATC,  Association,  vice-chairman&  Managing The Secretary,  State Urdu Teachers The General Association Welfare Employees AP Minority President.  AP,  Hyderabad.  WFORWARDED:  BY ORDER!