AP Schools Draft Rationalization Guidelines-High Schools

AP Schools Draft Rationalization Guidelines-High Schools Basic Norms for High Schools 
1:  High School  with 475 students enrolled in Cass to x will be consclidated into another High School which is located within 3kms. 
 2 It is proposed that RR-R of High Schools should be done on the basis af aadhaar seeded Childinfo and not LDISE enrollment data.  
3 School Clas 3 level TPR is to be arsured.  c.  No of High Schools 56 
d  No.  of schools with defict Teachers as per TPR-35604 14(8.6)  1.  Additional Teachers iust fied aid to be proceed under Rationalization case not anse 2.  Consolidation of Success Schools 5 Success Schools with English a of the 3415 success Medium enrollment will re-designated as Telugu Medium Hgh Schcols.  They wi be proviced 7-1 Teachers as per the approved staff ng pattern Excess Teachers beyond the staffing paltern will be iat alized b of the balance 3330(3415-B
5)  Success Schools 831 Success Schools are functing within 1 kms radius.  These multiple Success High Schools are functicning within 1 km radius.  will be converted into separate EM&  TM Success Schools Roth these EM&  TM Schools will be provided 7+1 Teachers,  as per the approved staffing pattern.  i schools-831/2 440 ii student in EM 175.335 175335’440 398 EM students school 
AP Schools Draft Rationalization Guidelines-High Schools
1.  HMs justified 440 
2 Teachers justified-440×4-  1760 
3.  Minimum justified 3960 
4.  Additional required as per the TPR-863 iii,  students in TM 3.40,431 340431440 773)  TV 2.  Teachers justified-440×8-3520 3.  Total just fed 3960 4 AS per TPR additional Teachers justified-49g0 5.  Existing Teachers-832(HM):  17989(Teachers)  Deficit-  HMS 48 v.  Deficit-Teachers 17 5.  options of Teachers will be called for to ascertain their willingness to teach in English and they will be posted to EM Success Schools.  Additional training to teach in Engish will be prowded.  Required training in English Teaching will be provided.  6.  The balance 895Success Schools with >100 enrolled students in English Medium.  will be continued.  They will be provider with full staff as per norms.  a Tete Schools 895 b Na cf Teachers avai able in EM TM-  396200 e No.ct Teachers require for EM teaching-  15830 d No.cf eachers required for TM teaching-  28193

Schools 4979 Students 16034C4 Teachers 7co3g(HMS 4616)  75 enrolled in vitex within in 6 km3 Schools 56 Studer Is 3550 Teachers 414 Success Total Success Schools 3415 o No English Medium enrollment Success Schools-85 Balance Parallel Success Schools-3330 within 1 km Success Schools-831 Success Schools with >100 emolled n Erglish Medium 1776 Success Schocs with >100 enrollcd in FM located within 3 kms of other High Schools 424 Continue such schools Give option ta teachers to each in Eng ish Provide Full Staff for EM Seclicns o success Schools with 100 EM enrolmert 1554(3 1776)  Success Scool wh >100 enrclled in EM lecated within 3 kms of other High Schools 424 Consolidate next phase