Rc 01/UC/2015 Changing of Ap U.M School timings in Ramzan

RC.No.01/UC/2015 Dated 17-06-2015. It’s Effect From 18-06-2015 to 17-07-2015. Rc 01/UC/2015 Changing of Ap U.M School timings in Ramzan Timings for Primary Schools 8am to 1pm. Upper Primary&High Schools 8am to 1.30pm.
Sub:-  Secondary Education-  Urdu Med um Schools changing Cf school hours during the pericd of RAMZAN from 18-06-2015 to 17-07-2015 timings 3.00 AM to 01.30 PM-Certain ins:ructions-Issued
All the District Educational oricers anc Regional Joint Director of Sshool Education in the AP State are informed that.  certain teachers Unions have requested to change the schcol hours of Urdu medium schools and in the State from 8.00 AM to 01.30 PM from 18-06-2015 to 17-07-2015(30)  days dunng the RAMZAN period t is informed that as per the school academic calendar for the year 2015-16 the school Management Committees may slightly mocify the schoo tim ings and intimate the same to the field fundiui Idries Therefore,  the Recional Joint Directors District Educational Otticers are instructed to issue necessary irstructions to the urdu Medium Primary,  Upper mary and High Schools under their control to maintain the School hours form 8.00AM to 01.30 PM durng RAMZAN period from from 18-06-2015 to 17-07-2015.  These instructions are appicable to the Urdu medium prirrary,  Upper primary&  High Schmls.  For Urdu Medium parallel sections and Urdu medium DIETS in the State,  they may slightly alter the timings strictly following 5 hours of instruction based on local needs
Sd/  K.Sandhyc Rani of School Education Comm To All the District Educational oficers in the sate
Copy to all the Regional Joint Director of school Education in the state for necessary action.(Kakinada,  Guntur and kadapa),
Copy to the State Project Director Rajiv Vidya Mission(SSA)  for information Copy to Director SCERT Hyderabad for Information
Copy to Drector Govt Exams Chapal Roac Nampally Hyderabad for Informatlon.  Copy to A&  l section of this office for information
Copy to Pesni of CSE and Addl.  Director tcrCSE for information Stock file-5 Spare-5
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