TS Rc 269 Telangana Enhance Salaries of M.I.S&D.E.Os

TS Rc 269/SSA/Plg/T7/2015 Telangana Enhance Salaries of M.I.S&D.E.Os Date:30.07.2015 
SSA Telangana,  Hyd-Approval of AWP&B 2013-16 by PAB,MHRD,  Government of India,  New Delhi-Certain guidelines issued-Reg.  
All the Project oficers of ISSA are aware that District Eementary Education Plans for 2015-16 have been approved by the Project Approval Board,  MHRD,  Government of India,  New Delhi In this connection the following guidelines are issued for implementation by all DistrictProjectoffices in the State.  
1.  The PAB approved the following unit cont in respect of following employees working at District and vub district level officesior 2015-16
 Data Entry Operators Rs 12,000/-per month
(Limited to 6 operators in District Project Ottice) 
 ii. MIS Coordinator (1 in each MRO)  Rs 13,000/-Per monnth 
iii Data Entry Operators Rs 12000/-per month (1 in each MRO)
 2 PAB approved for an amount o Rs 1000 lakhs only under hiring of vehicles at district level for 2015.16 and keeping in view of this the no of vehicles to be hired are restricted as shown below.  
i.Allotment 3vehicles @ l each to DE0,PO and EE 
ii.Payment of FTA as per Government orders to all sectoral officers and other Engineers 
iii. If vehicles are required for Dy.EEs the expenditure may be  use of   sectoral officers met from Ps charges iv.  Acommon pooling vehicle may be provided for the use of sectoral officers expenditure over and above Rs 1000 lakhs duly meeting the additional earmarked for hiring of vehicles from the savings of district management cost. 
 The Project Officers are requested to follow the above guidelines strictly.  Any deviation from the above guidelines will be viewed seriously.  This has got the approval of the State  Project Director,                                                                                                  Sd/.  A.Bhaskat Rao
                                                                                     For State Project Director