TSPSC 2016 Exam Patrern-Syllabus

ABSTRACT TSPSC 2015 Exam Patrern-Syllabus
Public Services – Direct recruitment – Scheme of selection – Classification of
categories of posts under various Groups and other services – scheme and
pattern of examination – Orders – issued.
G.O.Ms.No.330 Date: 27.07.2015.
Read the following:-
1. G.O.Ms.No.43, Gen Admn. (Ser.A) Department, dt: 08.08.2014.
2. From the Secretary, TSPSC, Letter No.12/SS/2015, dt: 14.02.2015.
along with Report of the Experts Committee.
3. G.O.Rt.No.1686, G.A.(Cabinet) Department, dt: 16.06.2015.
. In the G.O. 1st read above, orders have been issued constituting Public
Service Commission for the State of Telangana.
2. The Secretary, Telangana State Public Service Commission in the
reference 2nd read above, has informed that the existing scheme and syllabus of
United Andhra Pradesh has to be changed as per the needs and requirements
of new State of Telangana and therefore, the Commission has constituted an
Experts Committee to study and make recommendations to review the present
classification of Groups and other services; scheme and pattern of examination
of posts comes under the purview of the Public Service Commission. The said
committee has submitted its report and the same has been furnished along with
the recommendations of the TSPSC for approval of the Government.
3. In the G.O. 3rd read above, a Cabinet Sub-Committee has been
constituted to examine and recommend on Scheme of Examinations for various
posts to be filled by the Telangana State Public Service Commission by the
method of direct recruitment, keeping in view the report of the Expert’s
Committee and the recommendations of the TSPSC. The Cabinet Sub-
Committee has submitted its report to Government.
4. Keeping in view the recommendations made by Cabinet Sub-Committee,
after careful examination of the matter, Government hereby issue the following
classification of posts, scheme and pattern of examination for various
categories of posts to be filled-up by direct recruitment through Telangana State
Public Service Commission: 2
Scheme of examination and pattern
for various category of posts to be filled by the TSPSC
(I) Scheme of examination for various category of posts:
(A) Group-I Services
(1) Deputy Collector
[Civil Services, (Executive Branch)]
(2) Deputy Superintendent of Police – Category. II
(Police Service)
(3) Commercial Tax Officer
(Commercial Tax Services)
(4) Regional Transport Officer
(Transport Service)
(5) Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies
(Co-operative Service)
(6) District Panchayat Officer
(Panchayat Services)
(7) District Registrars
(Registration Services)
(8) Divisional Fire Officer
(Fire Service)
(9) Deputy Superintendent of Jails (Men)
(Jails Service)
(10) Assistant Commissioner of Labour
(Labour Service)
(11) Assistant Excise Superintendent
(Excise Service)
(12) Municipal Commissioner – Grade II
(Municipal Administrative Service)
(13) District Social Welfare Officer
(Social Welfare Service)
(14) District Backward Classes Welfare Officers including
Assistant Director
(Backward Classes Welfare Service)
(15) District Tribal Welfare Officer
(Tribal Welfare Service)
(16) District Employment Officer
(Employment Service)
(17) Lay Secretary & Treasurer Grade II
(Medical & Health Services)
(18) Assistant Treasury Officer / Assistant Accounts Officer
(Treasuries & Accounts Service)
(19) Assistant Audit Officer
(State Audit Service)
(20) Mandal Parishad Development Officer
(Panchayat Raj & Rural Development Service) (B) Group-II Services:
1. Municipal Commissioner Gr. III
(Municipal Administrative Sub-Service)
2. Assistant Commercial Tax Officer
(Commercial Tax Sub-Service)
3. Deputy Tahasildar
(Revenue Sub-Service)
4. Sub-Registrar Gr.II
(Registration Sub-Service)
5. Junior Employment Officer
(Employment Sub-Service)
6. Assistant Registrar
(Co-operative Sub-Service)
7. Assistant Labour Officer
(Labour Sub-Service)
8. Extension Officer (Rural Development)
(Panchayat Raj Sub-Service)
9. Excise Sub-Inspector
(Excise Sub-Service)
10. Executive Officer Grade-II
(Panchayat Raj Sub-Service)
11. Assistant Development Officer
(Handlooms and Textiles Sub-Service)
12. Executive Officer Grade-I
(Endowments Sub-Service (C) Group-III Services:
1. Senior Accountant
(Govt. Life Insurance Sub-Service)
2. Auditor
(Pay & Accounts Sub-Service)
3. Senior Accountant
(Treasuries & Accounts Sub-Service)
4. Senior Auditor
(Local Fund & Audit Sub-Service)
5. Assistant Section Officer
(Secretariat Sub-Service)
6. Assistant Section Officer
(Legislature Sub-Service)
7. Assistant Section Officer
(Finance Department, Secretariat Sub-Service)
8. Assistant Section Officer
(Law Dept., Secretariat Sub-Service)
9. Assistant Auditor
(Pay & Accounts Sub-Service)
10. Typist-cum-Assistant
(Secretariat Sub-Service)
11. Typist-cum-Assistant
(Legislature Sub-Service)
12. Typist-cum-Assistant
(Finance Department, Secretariat Sub-Service) 13. Typist-cum-Assistant
(Law Dept, Secretariat Sub-Service)
14. Assistant-cum-Typist
(Heads of Departments, Ministerial Service)
15. Junior Assistants
(Heads of Departments, Ministerial Service)
16. Junior Accountant
(Directorate, Treasuries & Accounts Sub-Service)
17. Junior Accountant
(Govt. Life Insurance Sub-Service) PAPER : English Shorthand
Dictation – 180 words per minute
Duration : 5 minutes 150 Marks
(Transcription in Long Hand – 90 Minutes )
The Secretary, TSPSC
All the Departments of Secretariat
All the HODs.
All the District Collector / District Judges
All Administrative / Service Sections in GAD. 12
Copy to :
The Law Dept.
The P.S. to Chief Secretary to Govt.
The Prl. Secy. to Chief Minister
The Accountant General, Telangana, Hyderabad.
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