AP GO 410 Guidelines of Transfers of Govt Polytechnics employees

AP #GO 410, AP GO RT 410  andhra pradesh, AP GO 410 Guidelines of Transfers of Govt Polytechnics  employees, go 410 transfers of polytechnic employees 2015,   Guidelines of Transfers of Govt Polytechnics  employees 2015 Technical Education – Transfers  of employees working in Government Polytechnics in the State –  Guidelines for the year 2015-16  – Issued.   
  1. Those who have put in more than 2 years of service in case of teaching staff and ministerial in a particular station as on 31.07.2015 shall be eligible to apply for transfer.
G.O.Rt.No. 410           ,                                                                      Dated  20-08-2015
                                                                                                                   Read the following:-
1.    G.O.Ms.No.57, Finance (HR.I) Deptt., dt.18.05.2015.
2.    G.O.Ms.No.98, Finance (HR.I) Deptt., dt.04.08.2015.
             3. From the CTE., A.P., Hyd. lr.No.C1/General Transfers/2015, dt.12.08.2015.
            In the circumstances reported by the Commissioner of Technical Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad vide reference 3rdread above and consequent to the orders issued in the references 1stand 2nd read above, the Government hereby issue the guidelines for transfers of employees working in Technical Education Department for the year 2015-16 as stipulated in the Annexure appended to this order.  
2.            The Commissioner of Technical Education, A.P., Hyderabad  is requested to conduct the web counselling for transfer of the employees working in Technical Education Department as per the guidelines issued herewith immediately and complete the entire process on or before 15.09.2015.
3.            This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (HR.I) Department vide their U.O.No.132/A2/HR.I/2015, dt.18.08.2015.
                                                                                                         R.P. SISODIA,
                                                                                           SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT                                                               
The  Commissioner of Technical Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad.  
                                                     ANNEXURE TO G.O.RT.No.          , H.E (TE) DEPARTMENT, DATED 20.08.2015
  1. Those who have put in more than 2 years of service in case of teaching staff and ministerial in a particular station as on 31.07.2015 shall be eligible to apply for transfer.
  2. The Commissioner of Technical Education will draw schedule for effecting transfers and complete the entire process on or before  15.09.2015..
  3. Those who are retiring on or before 31.08.2017 shall not be transferred.
  4. Those who have completed 5 (Five) years or above service in a particular station as on 31.07.2015 shall be transferred.
  5.  Transfers will be affected based on the total entitlement points scored by individual applicants on the criteria as mentioned below. The highest scorer in the respective subject and zone will be given the first choice and so on.
Criteria for entitlement of points:
a)    Stay in the present station located in the following areas as on 01.08.2015.
District Head quarters and places having Municipal Corporations
3 Points
All other places:
4 Points
G.M.R.P Srisailam, Paderu & Etipaka, (E.G.Dist)                  
5 Points
         Special Categories:
i)     Single Woman  :  
10 Points
ii)    Physically Challenged  :
         a)   40% – 60% : disability      
05 points
         b)   More than 60% : disability
08 points
Note : For this purpose, a copy of the certificate issued not below the rank  of Civil    Surgeon must be submitted.
iii) The Employees who are now  suffering from the following diseases:     
05  Points
          (a) Cancer 
          (b) Heart Operation
          (c) Neuro-Surgery
          (d) Bone T.B.
          (e) Kidney Transplantation
::     2     ::
  iv) (a)  Applicants with dependant children who are mentally retarded and are under treatment
05  Points
          (b) Applicants with dependant children suffering from Juvenile Diabetes and children suffering from congenital Heart problems and are under medical Treatment available only at specified places to which they are seeking transfers
05 Points
Note:  For this purpose, a copy of the certificate issued by the competent authority i.e., District Medical Board/ State Medical Board may be enclosed for consideration.
(v)  Spouse employment (only one of the spouses shall be shifted following the prescribed procedure)
: 10 points.
Note:  Employees whose spouse is working in State or Central Government or Public Sector undertaking or Local Body or Aided Institution in the same place opted for transfer or a nearby place. The applicants seeking transfer under this category shall produce a certificate issued by the Head of the Office where the spouse is working in proof of the claim.
c)   Academic, Administrative and Development Performance Indicators 
      ii)  Additional Responsibilities held:                                     MAX: 15 points
a.   Deputy Warden for Hostel                     :       3 Points
b.   Placement Officer/ NAAC Co-ordinator :        3 Points
c.   Students Advisor/Counsellor :                       3 Points
d.   NCC Officer :                                                3 Points
e.   NSS Programme Officer                        :         3 Points
f.    SDC/ JKC Coordinator :                                 3 Points               
g.   RYK In charge :                                             3 Points
h.   CDTP/Civil works/up-gradation:                       3 Points each
i.    Holding additional charge for any post:         3 Points
     iii) Best Teacher Award received on 5th September, 2014: 5 Points
(d)  The following criteria will be followed for allotment of points for the pass   percentage (2014-15) of the students:
Note : The average pass percentage in two best theory subjects taught during 2014-15 is to be considered.
(i)   Less than 40%   
   0 Points
(ii)  40% to Less than 60%   
 03   Points
iii)  60% to Less than 80% 
05   points
iv)  80% and above
      07 points
6.      In case of Office Bearers of recognized service Associations the standing instructions on the transfers of Office Bearers of recognized employees unions as issued in Government Circular Memo. No.26135/Ser.Welfare/2002-1 of G.A (Services) Department, dated: 19-06-2012 shall be followed.
::      3     ::
7(i)     Wherever a Woman employee working in other than Women Polytechnic Colleges opts for a post in Women Polytechnic, she shall be posted by shifting a male person working against such post even if he has not completed the prescribed period of minimum of 2 years.
(ii)   Male employees who are over and above 50 years of age may be considered for posting to Women Polytechnics if no woman employee is available.
8.            The following lists shall be notified in the website of the Department concerned.
(i)         The list of names of the persons who applied for transfer with total of entitlement points in descending order.
(ii)        Subject, college and zone-wise clear vacancy position and the list of posts where persons have been working for 5 years or more 
Note:  i.  All the employees seeking transfer shall indicate three (3) places in the order of preference. When more than one employee opts for a particular place, the points obtained by him / her shall be given preference, subject to the employee not having charges pending against him/ her.
             ii. Candidates have to keep in mind the focal and non focal places while exercising the places of option.
9.            Counselling will be held on specified dates and the persons attending the counselling / Video Counselling  will not be entitled to any TA/DA. However, it will be treated as “ON DUTY”.
10.         The applicants called in the order of merit shall choose any of the vacant posts available at the point of time and exercise his/her option in writing. In case two or more applicants secure equal score, preference shall be given to the employee who has more entitlement points.
11.         Video counselling may be held wherever deemed necessary by competent authority.
12.         Transfers will be affected from focal to non-focal/ non-focal to non-focal/non focal to focal posts. In no case, transfers will be from one focal post to another focal post.
Area Category
14.5% HRA Area (under State Pay Scales area)       
Less than 14.5% HRA Area and Less
13.         The transfers affected shall be displayed on the Website after completion of Counselling.
::    4    ::
14.         Those who are transferred shall be relieved from the present place of working immediately on receipt of the transfer orders. Under any circumstances the person will be deemed to have been relieved at the end of 5 days of the receipt of the order. Any violation of this condition shall be viewed seriously by the Government.
15.         Those who are transferred at their request shall not be entitled to any TA/ DA and joining time since the transfers are at their request.
16.         Anybody who has submitted false information and / or certificates and also the officers who have countersigned such false information are liable for disciplinary as well as criminal action.
17.         The second and higher level Gazetted Officers shall not be posted in their native district. Native District shall be determined by the entry in the Service Register of the employee. Other employees shall not be posted in their native Mandal.
18.         Persons working against / supernumerary posts shall be transferred and posted to regular vacancies if any.
                                                                                                            R.P. SISODIA,
                                                                                           SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT