AP RC 822 RMSA SGT INSERVICE Training Schedule From 28-12-2015 to 06-02-2016

#AP RC 822 RMSA SGT INSERVICE Training Schedule From 28-12-2015 to 06-02-2016 AP RC 822 #RMSA SGT INSERVICE , ap rc 822, rc 822 inservice training,  ap primary teachers training 2015-16 
Proc. Rc. No. 822/B/C&T/SCERT/RMSA-2015 Dated: 23-12-2015
Sub:- SCERT Andhra Pradesh – RMSA – Quality In-Service Teacher Training
District Level Training to Secondary School Teachers in the State – December 2015 / January 2016 – Training Schedule Issued – Reg.
  1.  Lr. Rc. No. 36/AO/APMS/RMSA/2014, dated 11-12-2015 of the Commissioner and Director of School Education and Ex-officio PD of RMSA, Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad.
  2. Lr. No. 221/RMSA-AP/2014, dated 19-11-2015 of the CSE and Ex- officio PD of RMSA, Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad.
  3. Representation of Rashtriya Upadhyaya Panditha Parishad, Andhra Pradesh, dated 15-12-2015.

            All the District Educational Officers and Ex-Officio Project Coordinators of RMSA Principals of DEITs in the State are informed that it has been decided to conduct District Level In-service Training for Secondary School Teachers in English, Hindi, Telugu, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biological Science, Social Studies and Physical Education for the teachers handling 9th and 10th classes in the State in a non-residential mode i.e., from 28-12-2015 to6-2-2016.
 The teachers retiring within 6 months may be exempted from this training programme.
It is decided to provide training to Language Pundits Grade-II i.e., Telugu and Hindi who are handling 9th and 10th classes.
Teachers working in Government, Zilla Parishad, Municipal,
Aided, Ashrama Schools, APTWREIS, APRIES, APSWRIES, Managements are to be included in the training programme.
The present training programme intended to provide training to the teachers who are not trained (on New Textbooks and CCE Procedure) during January and February 2015.
Care should be taken while selecting the teachers that teachers handling IX and X class are to be deputed to the training programme.
The detailed time schedule is given under for uniformity in conducting the training programme. The training programme has to be completed as per the schedule mentioned below. A copy of guidelines for conducting training programme is appended to these proceedings.
The unit cost of conducting the training programme is Rs. 1037/- per head and the same is to strictly adhered to
Sl. No. Training Details Dates
1 Training at District Level for Language Pundits Telugu, Hindi and SA English 28-12-2015 to 1-1-2016
2 Training Programme for Mathematics and Social Studies 4-1-2016 to 8-1-2016
3 Training Programme for Physical Science and Biological Science 27-1-2016 31-1-2016
4 Training Programme for Physical Education Teachers 2-2-2016 to 6-2-2016

               The DEOs are informed that the DRP Training programme was conducted for all the subjects during the academic year 2014-15 at State Level, the same DRPs should be utilized for the Divisional Level Training programme. Before organizing the training programme conduct one day planning meeting by calling DRPs and Course Directors and provide necessary instructions to conduct the programme in a systematic manner to achieve the quality of training.
            Further, the DEOs are instructed to pay personal attention to identify suitable venues having all facilities suited for non-residential mode of training for all the said training programmes to avoid inconvenience of any nature to the participants and to run training camp
The training modules already have been supplied to all the schools in the State. So, instruct the teachers to bring the training module and textbooks to the training programme. So as to refer as and when it requires.
The DEOs are instructed to visit training camps personally and employ Principal DIET and Dy.EO., RMSA to monitor the programmes effectively, at least one officer should visit one camp every day.
The DEOs are also advice to instruct the Course Directors to take special care in providing healthy and hygienic food, water for working lunch and tea. Provide ICT facility to the DRPs to utilize the same for training purpose.
          Therefore, all the DEOs and RJDSEs are instructed to plan meticulously for conduct of in-service training camps on the above lines and implement accordingly to make the programme effective and purposeful.
1. Guidelines
2. No. of Teachers to be trained
                                                                                                                 Prof. M.V. Rajya Lakshmi
                                                                for Commissioner of School Education Andhra Pradesh
All the District Educational Officers in the State.
All the Principals of DIETs in the State with instruction to monitor the programme in coordination with DEO.
Copy to all the RJDSEs in