Telangana/TS Inter March 2017 Exams Timetable

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PRESS RELEASE Date: 23-11-2015. It is hereby informed that Govt of Telangana have issued G.O Rt.No.995 dt: 05-11-2014 with regard to public holidays. The tentative time table is approved by the Hon’ble

Office of the Secretary,
Telangana State,
Board of Intermediate Education,
Nampally, Hyderabad.
Date: 23-11-2015.
It is hereby informed that Govt of Telangana have issued G.O Rt.No.995 dt:05-11-2014 with regard to public holidays. The tentative time table is approved by the Hon’ble Minster for Secondary Education, Govt. of Telangana State as the festivals of Ugadi falls on working days. The time table is as follows:
Day & Date
02.03.2016 Wednesday
04.03.2016 Friday
08.03.2016 Tuesday
I Year Examination
2nd Language paper-I
English Paper-I
Mathematics Paper-IA,
Botany Paper-I,
Civics Paper-I
Psychology Paper-I
10.03.2016 Mathematics Paper-IB
Thursday Zoology Paper -I
History Paper –I
12.03.2016 Physics Paper-I
Saturday Economics Paper – I,
Classical Language Paper -I
Chemistry Paper – I
15.03.2016 Commerce Paper -I
Tuesday Sociology Paper -I,
Fine arts, Music Paper -I
17.03.2016 Geology Paper –IThursday Home Sciences Paper –I
Public AdministrationPaper-I Logic Paper –I
Bridge Course MathsPaper-I (for Bi.P.C candidates)
19.03.2016 Modern Language Paper –I
Saturday Geography Paper -I
Day & Date
03.03.2016 Thursday
05.03.2016 Saturday
09.03.2016 Wednesday
11.03.2016 Friday
14.03.2016 Monday
16.03.2016 Wednesday
18.03.2016 Friday
II year Examination
2nd language Paper-II
English Paper-II
Mathematics Paper -IIA, Botany
Paper -II,
Civics Paper-II
Mathematics Paper –IIB
Zoology Paper -II
History Paper –II
Physics Paper –II
Economics Paper –II
Classical Language Paper –II
Chemistry Paper –II
Commerce Paper -IISociology Paper –II
Fine arts, Music Paper –II
Geology Paper –II
Home Sciences Paper –IIPublic Administration-IILogic Paper –II
Bridge Course Maths Paper-II(for Bi.P.C candidates)
Modern Language Paper -II
21.03.2016 Geography Paper –II
a)Ethics and Human Values Examination is proposed to be conducted on28-01-2016 (Thursday) from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM as was done earlier.
b)Environmental Education Examination is proposed to be conducted on30-01-2016 (Saturday) from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM as was done earlier.
c)The Practical Examinations are proposed from 05-02-2016 to 24-02-2016(including Sundays) for both General Intermediate and Vocational courses.
The above dates are applicable to Intermediate Vocational Course Examinations also.
However, the Vocational courses Time Table will be issued separately.

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