AP Rc 2 Pongal Holidays Academic calendar 2017

#AP Rc 2 Pongal Holidays 2016 from 09.01.2016 to 17.01.2016 Rc No 02/A& I/2015 Dated:  08/01/2016

Sub:  School Education-Academic calendar for the year 2015-16 Pongal Holidays from 09.01.2016 to 17.01.2016 Reg.
Read:  School Academic Calendar 2015-16 The attention of all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and the District Educational anficcrs in the State is invited to the reference read wherein the Pongal Holidays have been declared from 9.01.2016 to 17.01.2016 and the sehools should reopen on 18.01.2016 
  A few representations have been received requesting scheduling of the Pongal Holidays in view of the 3rd round of JANMABOOMI MAA VURU Programme The requests have been examined. 
It is decided to reiterate the schedule as notified in the School Acade dar 2015-16. 
   However,  keeping in the view of Janmabhoomi prog is instructed that all the Regional Joint Directors of School Ed and the District Educational Officers should ensure that the rs attend the 3rd round of JANMABHOOMI-  MAA VURU programme ,  whenever the Programme is held,  and the children shall continue Pongal Holidays as scheduled i.e.,  from 09.01.2016 to 17.01.2016 
They schools shall reopen on 18.01.2016 They are requested action accordingly. 
Treat this reference first Urgent This has the al of Commissioner of School Education,  A.P Hyderabad
                            VIN.  MASTANAIAH
For Commissioner of School Education
To All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the state,
All the District Educational officers in the State. 
Copy submitted to the Secretary,  School Education Department, 
A.P.  Hyderabad for favour of information. 
Copy to the Addl. 
Ps to Honble Minister for HRD for information
AP Rc 2 Pongal Holidays from 09.01.2016 to 17.01.2016
HOLIDAYS Change Dists

1. Chittoor 13-01-2016 to 17-01-2016