AP Rc 25 Dt:30-01-2016 Surplus Teachers Work Adjustment in the Same Mandal

#AP Rc 25 Dt:30-01-2016 Surplus Teachers Work Adjustment in the Same Mandal  RC 25. Dt.30.1.16. Work Adjustment of Surplus Teachers within the Mandal
School    Education    –    Rationalization/Transfers, 2015-   Headmasters   and Teachers-Work Adjustment of Surplus  Teachers – Reg.
  1.  G.O.Ms.No.63  Edn.,  (Ser.Ii)  Department, Dated:31.08.2015.
  2.  G.O.Ms.No.66   Edn., (Ser.II) Department,  Dated:02.09.2015.
  3.  CSE Procs. Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015,  Dated:03.09.2015,  09.09.2015  and 10.09.2015
  4.  Video conference held on 11.09.2015  and 12.09.2015.
  5.   CSE Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015,   Dated:12.09.2015,
  6.   CSE Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015,16.09.2015
  7.   Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015, Dated:12.09.2015
  8.   CSE Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015,26-10-2015
  9.   CSE Pro.RC  No. 25/Estt-111/2015 dated:  02-12-2015.
  10.   CSE Pro.RC  No. 25/Estt-111/2015   dated:17-12-2015.
  11.   G.O.Ms.No.82  School  Education  (Prog.11)  Department, Dated:29.10.2015.
  12.   CSE Proc.Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015,   Dated:Ol.01.2016.
  13.    Govt. Memo.No.116957 /Ser.il/Al/2015  School Education (Ser.II)  Department, Dated:ll.01.2016.
  14.   This  Office Lr.Rc.No.25/Estt-111/2015,   Dated:20.0l.2016   addressed to Govt.15.  Govt. Memo.No.  116957/Ser.ll/Al/2015 

            School  Education  (Ser.II) Department, Dated:30.0l.2016….In continuation   to  this  office  proceedings   in the  reference    12 cited,  a copy of the Government  Memo  in the  reference  is” read above is   here with   communicated  to  all the Regional  Joint Directors of School Education  and District  Educational  Officers in the State.They are  requested  to  take  further   action  on work  adjustment  of  surplus teachers within  the Manda I and submit report of surplus teachers of with details of teacher adjusted and not adjusted  within the Mandal.
  They are also requested to ensure  that  the work adjustment  exercise does not disturb 10th class instruction.

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