AP Residential APRS Certificates Verification CheckList

AP Residential APRIE Admissions into 5th Class APRJC CET( inter), APRDC CET (degree )Verification of Certificates Checklist 

AP Residential APRS Admissions Verification of Certificates Check List:


Rc.No.204/B4-4/2016 Date:19 .05.2016 Sub:- Academic – Admissions into Class V in all A.P.Residential Schools for the year 2016-17 – Selection of Students- Verification of certificates at the District Convenor School– Instructions issued – Regarding.  

APREI Society has conducted Admission test on 24.04.2016 for admission of students into class V in all A.P. Residential Schools for the academic year 2016-17. Selection lists are prepared for each school based on the merit in the test, rule of reservation and the options exercised by the student in the application form duly following the other conditions like rural study etc. Results are placed on the website at aprs.cgg.gov.in and apresidential.cgg.gov.in for the information of the candidates. 
 All the parents of the selected candidates will be informed through SMS to download the result sheet by them and to attend for the verification of certificates at the District Convenor School on 06.06.2016 at 9.00AM as the students have applied through online without any certificates. T
   hey were informed to attend the Convenor schools along with original certificates regarding Caste, special category (PHC/Orphan/Children of defence personnel), Income certificate, study certificate etc. They were also informed that they need not bring the candidate for verification of certificates and need not bring transfer certificate. After satisfactory verification only, the candidate’s selection should be confirmed and the parent should be informed to attend the selected school on 15.06.2016 along with student and transfer certificate for admission. Selection lists pertaining to all the Schools to which the students of that district are eligible are made available on the website to download before the verification of certificates. Application forms of the selected candidates may be downloaded from the website by entering the Hall ticket number of the shortlisted candidate at http://tracking.cgg.gov.in/APRJCTRACKING2016 for application forms button on apresidential.cgg.ov.in. Username and password will be provided to the convenor through SMS. While selecting candidates, If candidates under Orphan/PHC/CAP quota are not available in the merit list such seats are converted into open category, if BC-C candidates are not available, that seat is allotted to BC-D and similarly BCE to BC-A. 
   In view of the above, all the District Convenors are hereby instructed to follow the guidelines given below for proper verification of the certificates. 
 Certificates are to be verified by the convenor with the assistance of all the Principals of that District. All the Principals of the District should be informed to attend the Convenor School on 06.06.2015. 

While verifying the certificates following aspects are to be observed: 

  1.  a) Candidate has to produce the certificate under the category in which his/her selection was made. For example, if a candidate selected under BC-A category he has to submit the relevant certificate. If a candidate selected under special category like PHC / CAP / Orphan then the certificate of that category should be produced.
  2.  b) If a candidate is selected under open category there is no need of caste certificate. 
  3.  c) If a candidate is selected under CAP category there is no need of income certificate. 
  4.  d) Except CAP category, all the candidates have to submit the parental income certificate with annual income not exceeding Rs.60000/-. 
  5.  e) In case of selection in General School – OC/BC candidates must have studied in Rural area. For SC/ST candidate this rule does not apply. For the students selected for Minority schools also this rule does not apply. 
  6.  f) The selected candidates must have studied class IV during 2015-16 academic year in Govt/Govt Recognised schools. 
  7.  g) Candidate must have studied continuously 02 academic years in that District. If a student studied in different districts for 02 years, the study district for the year 2015-16 should be considered. 
  8.  h) The candidate must be born between 01-09-2005 and 31.08.2007.In case of SC/ST candidates they must be born between 01-09-2003 and 31.08.2007. 
  9.  i) T.C. need not be verified. Once the selection is confirmed, the candidate may be informed to attend the allotted school along with T.C/Record Sheet duly counter signed by the concerned MEOs. 
  10.  j) If any candidate fails to produce the concerned certificates, then the selection of such candidate shall be summarily cancelled. 
  11.  k) If a candidate is selected for the school of 1st preference mentioned in the application form, there would be no change in allotment of school. If a candidate is allotted to the school which is other than 1st preference, then there would be an option for sliding in the next list. 
  12.  l) District Convenor should inform the candidate about the sliding option and if a candidate willing for sliding in the subsequent lists, same should be mentioned in the vacancy report. 
  13.  m) After completion of verification on 06.06.2016, District Convenors should send a letter through Registered post to the Shortlisted candidate who is not reported for certificate verification on 06.06.2016 giving time upto 10.06.2016 for certificate verification. District Convenors may permit the shortlisted candidates for submission of certificates before 10.06.2016 if they report on 06.06.2015 and unable to submit any certificate on that day and requested for time. 
  14.  n) The Dist.Convenor Principals should send the list of candidates short listed for admission both reported candidates as well as not reported candidates along with their Contact Nos.in the enclosed format in Excel without fail immediately on 06.06.2016. 
  15. 0) The non joining report along with the candidate willing for sliding (those who have selected to the school which is not the preference-1, should be submitted to this office on 06.06.2016 without fail. 
  16.  p) The District Convenors should make necessary arrangements for verification of certificates on 06.06.2016 duly following the above guidelines. Admission of the selected candidate may be provisionally confirmed after satisfactory verification of certificates and the information furnished in the certificates is satisfactory with the selection conditions. If any doubt on the verification of certificate, the District Convenor should follow the eligibility criteria mentioned in the Admission information bulletin. Any deviation or any slackness by any Convenor in verification of certificates will be viewed seriously and they will be squarely responsible. 
The Principals of all A.P. Residential Schools are hereby instructed to attend the Convenor School on 06-06-2015 at 9.00 A.M to assist the Convenor in verification of original certificates of the selected candidates. Receipt of these proceedings should be acknowledged.
 Sd/- P. Jagan Mohan Reddy SECRETARY 
To All the District Convenor Principals Of the State. Copy to the Principals of all A.P. Residential Schools in the State- for information and necessary action Copy to the Deputy Secretaries / AGOs for information. //t.c.f.b.o// SUPERINTENDENT

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