Health Medical Family Welfare Deptt General Transfers 2017 at

Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare  HM&FW Department General Transfers 2016 online application at In the references cited,  Government of Andhra Pradesh issued guidelines for general transfers of employees between 20.06.2016 to 30.06.2016. HM&FW – Guidelines for transfer of Employees in HM&FW Department – Orders – Issued.

Health Medical Family Welfare Department General Transfers 2016 Apply at
  1. Publication of list of vacancies by HoDs,  Zonal 21.06.2016 Officers District Officers(i,e Competent Authorities 
  2.  Last Date for submission of online application by 24.06.2016 5.00 PM the employee 
  3. Scrutiny of Actions,  publication of merit list 25.06.2016 based on ation seniority by competent authorities 
  4.  Issue of online transfer orders by the Competent 26.06.2016 Authorities submission of grievances by employees 27.06.2016 
  5. Grievances Redressal by 27.06.2016
  6.  Relieving of employees last date last date of Joining of employees 30.06.2016 

Health Medical Family Welfare Department General Transfers 2016 
Vacancies, Online Application , Guidelines, Schedule
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HEALTH MEDICAL AND FAMILY WELFARE (B1) DEPARTMENT G.O.Rt.No. 272 Dated:20-06-2016 Read the following:
1.G.O.Ms.No.102, Fin. (HR-I.PLG.POLICY) Dept., dt.10-06-2016.
2.G.O.Ms.No.105, Fin. (HR-I.PLG.POLICY) Dept., dt.15-06-2016.
In the references cited,  Government of Andhra Pradesh issued guidelines for general transfers of employees between 20.06.2016 to 30.06.2016.
The Director of Public Health&  FW,  Director Medical Education;  Commissioner APVVP;  Regional Director of Medical and Health Services;  District
        In the G.Os. read above, orders have been issued relaxing ban on transfer of employees, accordingly in order to ensure transparent procedure to provide “equitable opportunity” to all staff members, the following guidelines and procedures are issued for strict compliance:-


 1. All transfer and postings should be made through online procedure and based on the preferences given by the employees.
2. Employees with station seniority of 2 years are eligible for request transfer subject to availability of vacancies and ceiling limit. No TTA / joining time etc., shall be granted in case of request transfers.
3. For the purpose of defining station seniority, service at the station in all cadres and in all the offices located in station should be considered. In case of urban areas, the institutions located within a urban agglomeration with the same HRA shall be counted as a single duty station.
4. Transfers should not exceed 20% of any one cadre.
5. The transfers should be affected from focal to non-focal, non-focal to nonfocal or from non-focal to focal posts only. In no case persons shall be transferred from one focal post to another focal post. The focal and non-focal post is defined as follows: Focal Post Institutions located in all District Head Quarters and Cities / Towns with 20% HRA Non-Focal Post Institutions located in cities with 14.5% or 12% of HRA
6. The transfers should not violate the six point formula, as notified in G.O.Ms.No.610, G.A. (SPF.A) Dept., dt.30-12-1985, and as amended from time to time.
7. The principal office bearers of recognised associations and A.P. Govt. Class IV employees association are exempted from transfers in accordance subject to fulfilling the conditions laid down in the instructions issued in GAD & HM&FW Department. The list of recognised associations should be obtained from the GAD by the respective HoDs. For these exemptions from transfers, HOD will be personally responsible, if there is any undue benefit endowed on any individual or association. 8. Transfer and posting of specialist doctors shall be strictly to the specialist post to which they belong. Specialists shall not be posted in any post earmarked for a different specialty all specialist doctors should be placed only in secondary and tertiary institutions.
9. Mis-match postings are strictly prohibited. There shall be no doctor working in mismatch posts in any medical institution.
10.While effecting the transfers, competent authority shall give priority as follows:
a. Longest standing employee downwards.
b. Employee working in the institutions located in ITDA areas.
c. Employees with disability of 40% or more as certified by a competent authority as per “Persons with Disabilities” Act 1995.
d. Employees having mentally challenged children can be transferred to a place where medical facilities are available.
e. Medical grounds for the diseases viz of Cancer, Heart Operations, Neurosurgery, Bone TB, Kidney Transplantation can be transferred to places where such facilities are available. The medical condition should be either self or spouse or dependent children or dependent parents.
f. The employees who are retiring within one year shall not be transferred.
g. The employees who are to be promoted during the panel year shall not be disturbed.


11.All the procedures for the transfers i.e. submission of application, publication of vacancies, publication of Merit list based on station seniority, submission of grievances, grievance Redressal and allocation of postings should be done online.
12.All employees who have completed two years and requesting for transfers should submit their application online. After submitting application online, applicant should download the PDF format of application and submit signed copy to the respective designated authority as detailed below: Post Authority District Cadre DM&HO / District coordinator of Hospital Services State Cadre CH&FW / DPH&FW / DME / Commr., APVVP (State HODs)
13.All the appointing authorities mentioned above shall publish the list of vacancies. List of vacancies should include clear vacancies, posts that are occupied by mismatches.
14.The employees should indicate maximum of three choices of posting / place. In case of non-submission of choice of places then posting will be allocated based on the availability of vacancies.
15.Based on the (i) choice of places, (ii) availability of vacancies, (iii) merit list based on station seniority and priorities as indicated at para 10; posting will be allocated online and transfer proceedings will be generated online.
16.Appointing authorities should download the transfer proceedings and communicate the signed copies to the employees. 17.For categories to which Govt. is competent authority to issue transfer orders, proposals should be submitted to Govt. by respective HoDs, well in advance with specific remarks / justification.


18. Employees can submit their grievances online.
19. Appointing authorities shall verify the grievances and redress the grievance found to be genuine. In case the grievance is not genuine or not feasible, the same has to be intimated to the applicant through e-mail. 20. If the employee feels that his grievance is not redressed, he can also make an application to the respective Head of Department online.
21. Without addressing the grievances, appointing authorities should not finalise the list of vacancies, list of transfers etc.


1. Respective HODs shall issue the separate detailed schedule.
2. The following Committee shall take up the counseling in respect of Doctors and Specialists and other Non-Medical administrative posts and also Zonal Cadre under the administrative control of Director of Public Health & Family Welfare, Commissioner, A.P. Vaidhya Vidhana Parishad where Head of Department / Government is the competent authority: i) Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare .. Chairman ii) Director of Public Health & Family Welfare .. Member iii) Commissioner, A.P. Vaidhya Vidhana Parishad. .. Member iv) Addl. / Joint Commissioner, APVVP and Addl. / Joint Director, Health .. Members / Conveners For the respective HODs.
3. Committee of Counselling for all District Cadres of AP Vaidhya Vidhana Parishad Hospitals: 1) DCHS of the concerned district : Chairman 2) Medical Superintendent of District Hospitals : Member 3) RMO of concerned District Hospital : Member 4) Asst. Director (Admn) Admn Officer : Member / Convenor 5) Nursing Superintendent of the Dist. Hospital : Member. 4. Committee for all District cadres posts of DPH&FW: 1) DM&HO concerned Districts : Chairman 2) Addl. DM&HO : Member 3) Administrative Officer : Member / Convenor
5. The following Committee shall take up the counselling in respect of Assistant Professors, Associate Professors, and Professors in A.P. Medical Education Services under the administrative control of Director of Medical Education, A.P. where Head of Department / Government is the competent authority. The Committee and Director of Medical Education, A.P., Hyderabad is instructed to ensure to give preference to institutional importance and MCI norms:- 1) Commissioner of Health & Family Welfare .. Chairman 2) Director of Medical Education .. Member 3) Director of Medical Education (Academic) .. Member / Convener 6. The DG, DCA, A.P. Hyd. shall effect the transfers of Drug Control Administration Department upto 2nd level Gazetted posts and the DG, DCA, A.P. shall submit proposals to Govt. in respect of 3rd and 4th level Gazetted posts.
7. No transfers will be effected in Directorate of IPM and Commissionerate of Food Safety due to effective implementation of the FSSI Act.
8. Commr. of AYUSH is permitted to effect the transfers upto zonal level / state level and the Commr. of AYUSH, A.P. shall submit proposals to Govt. in respect of 3 rd and 4th level Gazetted posts.
9. All the HODs are requested to ensure to effect the request transfers / on spouse grounds / Mutual transfers on genuine request / on administrative grounds within the existing vacancy. All the HODs are requested to effect the transfers from 20th June to 30th June 2016. They are also requested to ensure the transfers are done online using IT application and details rare reflected in the dashboard. 10% of the transfer order issued at every level must be checked by the supervisor officer.

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