SVUCET 2016 Web Counselling Web Options Guidelines

SVUCET 2016 Web Counselling Web Options Guidelines for Web Options filling by the candidates SRI VENKATESWARA UNIVERSITY DIRECTORATE OF ADMISSIONS SVUCET – 2016.

SVUCET 2016 Web Counselling Web Options Guidelines:

 svucet 2016
  1. Open the website using URL .
  2.  Click on the link Web Counseling button / Tab in the left side of the screen. 
  3. Login using Scratch Card given at the time of certificate verification. 
  4. The scratch card issued is only valid for the candidate to which it is issued. 
  5. Enter the Registration number given in the Rank Card. 
  6. Enter the 5 digit Serial number of the Scratch Card (Printed on the Back side of the card). 
  7. Scratch gently and enter the password in the box provided. 
  8. Then press login button to proceed to next step. 
  9. After login the browser displays the following screen to change the password. 
  10. Enter Serial number and password (Scratched). 
  11. Now enter the new desired password (Minimum 6 chars). 
  12. Then Re-enter the new password. 
  13. Note down the password in a safe place and do not reveal the password to any other person until the admission process is completed. 
  14.  Click on the submit button to proceed for the next step. 
  15.  Now the list of districts will be displayed where the colleges are offering different courses applied by you based on the tests applied. 
  16. Select the district names where you are willing to join the courses. 
  17. If you want to select all the districts, you can click on Select All option at the top of the districts list. 
  18. After selecting the required option click on the Submit button to proceed for the next step 
  19. The next screen displays the list of colleges with different eligible courses as per the tests appeared 
  20. The left side of the screen shows the list of colleges along with CAMPUS colleges for SVU . 
  21. The top of the screen displays Course Code with Course Name (Short Form). 
  22. 22. Each column represents a course offered in the college. If the column is indicated as N/A, it means that course is not offered in that college. 
  23. 23. Sample Screen is as follows: 
  24. 24. Please enter the Order of Priority in the Text boxes provided based on your willingness to join. 
  25. Start the priority number from 1 and continue to the end of your selection. 
  26. Please prepare the list of colleges with courses in the order in which you want to join. Sample Format is given below: Priority Course Name College Name Number 1 2 3 4 
  27. Enter the priority numbers in the boxes provided in the serial order. 
  28. You can change / delete the order of priority of a particular course / college. 
  29.   If you want to delete the course in a college, simply delete the priority number in the respective box and press TAB key, then it will ask for confirmation, click yes to delete the priority option. Then automatically the next priority options will be renumbered. 
  30.   If you want to insert a course of college in between the priorities already entered, select the required course of college and enter the priority number in the text box, then press TAB key, then it will ask for confirmation, click OK to re-arrange the priority options after inserting the new course & college. 
  31. After completion of all the priority options entry, Click on the Submit button. 
  32. After submitting the details the following screen will be displayed. 
  33. You can Save the details and take a printout of the options entered for reference. 
  34.  You keep the printed copy of the options entered in a safe place. 
  35. After completion, if you want to change the options entered you can login and change the options as you like using your login details with new password modified (Scratch Card password will not be valid for further logins) 
  36. After login, you can view the previously saved options on the screen and you can add / delete / modify the priority options as you like. 
  37. After successful completion of the updations, take a new printed copy of the modified list of priorities. 
  38. This provision is valid only for the period specified in the receipt of certificates. 

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