Online Computer Based Exam TNIT Exam Pattern to AP S.A Teachers- Rc No 88

Ap Rc 88 Online Computer Based Test Training Needs Identification Test TNIT  Dated:08-08-2016 RC No. 88/B/Trgs/SCERI/2016 Sub SCERT,  A.P.,  Hyderabad RMSA Training ES Conduct of Online Computer Based Test Training Needs identification Test(TNIT) to all School Assistants of a sue suitable instructions to all School Assistant to appear the managements  TNIT Request Reg. 

TNIT Exam Pattern to AP S.A Teachers- Rc No 88

  1.     Go MS No.20,  Education dated 28-03-2016,  Common Summative Examinations for 6 to 10 Cla SS 
  2.   Minutes of the Meeting of the Project Approval Board(PAB)  held on 22-4-2016 
  3.  Video Conference of Secretary,  Literacy&  School Education,  MHRD,  Govt.  of India 
  4.   Representation of APUSMA,  dated:18.5.2015 request for training of Private School Teachers
  5.  Request Ietter of Tribal Welfare Dept to Director,  SCERT to training their Residential School Teachers 
  6.   Note orders of the Prl Secretary School Education&  Chairman,  RMSA,  A-P Hyderabad 

All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that,  the Govt.  have decided to conduct on I Computer Based Test)  Training Needs Identification Test(TNIT) to all School Assistants,  of all subjects,  of all managements,  in the State Vide reference 1 read above,  Govt be issued a Go to undertake common summative examinations for all categories of schools in the state.  During 2015-16,  the summative Assessment named schools.  The Academic standard wise results lil was commonly conducted for all Go indicate the need for ensuring appropriate training for the teachers to clarify eap areas so that they will be in a better position to support the students to achieve the expected levels of learning
Vide reference 2nd read above, under the RMSA secondary education program in the Project Appraisal board meeting, Govt. of India approved the training of 32401 Subject Teachers in the State for the year 2016-17
Vide reference 3rd read above, the Govt. of India proposes to undertake the National Achievement Survey in census mode during 2016-17. In other words, instead of covering a sample of schools of different management, the survey will cover all schools and all students. The learning outcomes of students in AP Schools is far below the National average in English, Science and Modern Indian Languages subjects, as indicated in the National Achievement Survey (NAS) 2015 results and only marginally above national average in Mathematics & Social Sciences subjects. There is a need for improving learning outcomes in the state and addressing the overall gaps in ensuring quality of education.
Vide reference 4th & 5th read above School Education Dept. has been receiving requests from other departments and from the private schools management associations to extend the government teacher training to their teachers too.
In the above context it is proposed to conduct the Training Needs Identification Test (TNIT) during August and September 2016 to all School Assistants. The Objective of the TNIT is two fold.
Based on the TNIT for specific subject teachers, Training modules will be designed and provided in cascade mode for different category of teachers working under different managements. The TNIT is proposed to be conducted on 20th & 21st of August, 2016 in all districts, except Krishna and Guntur. The dates for Krishna and Guntur districts after Krishna Pushakaras will be 10.09.2016 & 11.09.2016
The duration of the online (Computer Based Test) TNIT will be 2 1/2 hours. The Question paper will be in bilingual — English I Telugu for all non-language subjects and for the languages Question papers will be in the concerned language only. The scores will be known immediately after the examination.
The Training Needs Identification Test (TNIT) will be conducted for 150 marks on i) General and ii) School subject and methodology areas to assess the content needs of the teachers in the State.
General area for 50 Marks (33 1/3 % ) and School subject and methodology 100 Marks (66 2/3 %).
The details are:-
A) For School Assistants of all the School subjects:
1) General Areas — Part-A : 50 marks
i. General Knowledge and Current affairs : 10 marks
ii. Perspective, Class Room management & Inclusive Education for Disabled at School State (IEDSS) : 20 marks
iii. Computer skills : 20 marks
School Subject Areas – Part B :: 100 marks
i. Concerned School Subject upto Class X (Class VI to X A.P. State Syllabus): 50 marks
ii. Content level raised upto Intermediate (A.P. State Syllabus) 20 marks
iii. Methodology & Pedagogy 30 marks
B) For Physical Education Teachers
1. General Areas – Part – A : 50 marks
2. Physical Education – Part – B : 100 marks
All the IUDs and DEOs are therefore requested to issue suitable instructions to all School Managements to ensure that all School Assistants/Subject Teachers of all subjects appear for the TNIT Examination in their respective districts. There is no TNIT Examination fee for the School Assistants working in Govt./ZP Schools in the State.
Further, they are informed that, the teachers, who are handling classes VI to X in Social Welfare / Tribal Welfare / Mpl/APREI/ Pvt. (Aided/ Unaided) Schools etc., should be instructed to appear the TNIT Examination with a payment of Rs. 300/- towards TNIT Examination Fee is to be collected from all such management school teachers.

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