AP Purse internet Mobile Banking App @APPurse

AP Purse Mobile Banking App Download  in Play Store , ios  # APPurse at 13 mobile banking and 10 mobile wallets were available in the purse and could be used to pay bills. Cashless transactions were the need of the hour to tide over the currency crunch. “The government is introducing Marpu Nestam, an agent, to educate the people on digital financial literacy. The government will pay incentives to the agents who train the people in digital financial literacy.”

APPurse Play Store Mobile App:

Benefits to all citizens :

1.  Transactions can be done from anywhere and anytime(24×7) 
2.  No need to carry cash to conduct the transactions
3.  No change required as you can do cashless transactions up to 2 decimal points
4.  No worry about fake currency
5.  No worry about physical theft
6.  Transactions are secure and easy
7.  Your valuable time is not wasted in the banks and queues
8.  You can avail additional discounts and offers from the sellers
Benefits to merchants :

1.  Point of Sale(PoS machines can be installed easily at an affordable price
2.  No need to go to banks and wait in the queue to deposit money in your account
3.  You can use the additional time saved in the development of your business
4.  No worry about accepting fake currency
5.  No need to maintain change for large denominations
6.  Transactions are secure and easy
7.  Helps in expanding your business to multiple regions

What Apps we see in AP Purse Application:

AP Purse internet Mobile Banking App @APPurse However, contrary to expectations, the application seemed to be only an e-wallet aggregator that lists 15 applications already popular and being used by smart phone users.      Paytm, Airtel Money, Freecharge, Mobikwik, Jio Money, SBI Buddy, PayU Money, Ola Money, Oxigen, Citrus,

Vodafone m-pesa, Rupee, Icash, ItzCash and Idea Money are the apps listed.

AP Purse internet Mobile Banking App @APPurse Download Here