AP RC No 4102 Teachers Work Adjustment Surplus Teachers

AP RC No 4102 Teachers Work Adjustment Surplus Teachers 2017, AP Rationalization Norms Proposal in All Management Schools

                                              ANDHRA PRADESH AMARAVATHI
                                           PRESENT:  K.  SANDHYA RANI I. Po.S,,
Rc.No.4102 Estt-ll1/2015                                                                            Date:  13/12/2016
sub:.  School Education-Teachers working under various managements viz,  Government,  Zilla Parishad,  Mandal Parishad Work Adjustment of Teachers Reg

  1.   G.O Ms.No.55 Education Iser,  Department,  Dated:23.04.2011
  2. G.O. Ms.No.61 Education(SE SER illy Department ,  Dated:  16.05.2011
  3. G.O Ms.No.39 Edn Dept.  Dt 07.08.2015 to G,o.Ws.No.51 Edn. Dept Dt 7. 8.2015
  4. Memo.No.14022/27/2016 SERVICES 2.SECT 
  5. E.dn  Dept,  Dt:27.10.2016
The attention of a the District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the reference 1st and 2nd read above, wherein. government have issued norms and rules for Rationalization of Schools Posts and Teachers working under Government M P.P Z.P.P.  schools.  proposal are to for revising sad norms.  And the issue is under examination.
Now, government in the reference 4 cited have permitted the Commissioner of school education to take up work adjustment of surplus teachers for the year 2016 17 duly following the  rationalization norms
There are certain schools with surplus  and deficit teachers compared to the plus enrollment in those schools.  there is workload burden in schools with high enrollment but low TPR,  while there are surplus teachers in some Schools with low enrollment.
optimum deployment and utilization of surplus teachers will ensure availability of subject teachers as per the requirements,  helps to the outcomes in schools,  increase pass percentage in the coming academic year in Government /Z.P.H.  Schools and also belps to increase the en of students in Government Schools

In view of the above.  a he District Educational officers are instructed to and Teachers identify surpluse headmaster and teachers,  They are also instructed to take ua work adjustment of Headmasters and Teachers working  in primary School, upper primary schools and high schools duly  constituting a Committee at District Level. The uy Committee may be comprised of the following
District Educational Officer – Chairman
Deputy Education Officer (concerned Divion) Member
Mandal Educational officer (Conuerned Mandal) Member
The following criteria is to be adopted for providing surplus teachers on adjustment basis at need as per priority given be ow:
  1. For this exercise,  Aadhar Seeded integratec U-DISE with cut off date as of 30.11.2016 may be utilized for arriving at justification of staff.
  2. (b)  Teacher Pupil Ratio as per Right to Education Norms i.e.  Primary Schools 1:30 Upper Primary Schools 135 and High Schools 1:10.  The surplus teachers may be adjusted keeping this in vievi.
  3. (c)  Availlability  of subject teachers in all High Schools and U.P.  Schcols (to the extent possible).
  4. (d)for success schools allot 7+7 teachers provide enrollment at 240 for each media.
  5. (e)Provide Five teachers in Primary Schools with over above 80 enrollment in line with Govt,  orders referred 3 above.  Proposals for redesign at ingredients such schools as Model Primary School may be submitted
  6. (f)  Surplus teachers may also be utilized in Model Schools,  if they are qualified and capable of teaching in English Medium. 
  7. All the District Educational Officers are instructed to take up the following(il)  steps for Work Adjustment.
  8. (a)  Identify the Surplus Teachers on above criteria,  category&  School wise.
  9. (b)  Salaries should be drawn at their original places of postings only
  10. (c)  In the current work adjustment it is not proposed to close down any non viable Primary,  Upper Primary and High School and it will also not to affect 10 class performance of the schools from where surplus teachers are to be sent to needy schools as they are identified as Surplus and the services of such surplus teachers are very much needed in the proposed schools for best utilization
  11. (d)  All surplus teachers should work on work adjustment till the end of this academic year 2016-17 and shall go back to their original places of post on the last working day of the said Academic Year
  12. (e)  All the needy vacancies are to be filled with surplus teachers within the Mandal or neighboring Mandals that to within the division,  exception if required out of division.
  14. (f)The work adjustment exercise should be completed on or before 31-12 2016 without fail.
  15. Therefore,  all the District Educational Officers are instructed to adhere to these instructions scrupulously.  They shall not give any scope for any kind of delay in the process.  Regional Joint Directors of School Education shall monitor closely the above process with the District Educational Officers under their jurisdiction and report compliance promptly.