How to Upadate Your AADHAR to CPS-PRAN Account

CPS PRAN  AADHAR Information updating in Contribution Pension Scheme Website. Now you can seed your Aadhaar in your PRAN. To add/ update Aadhaar in your PRAN, please log-in to your NPS account and follow the steps given below:
  1. 1.      Click on sub menu “Update Address Details” under the main menu “Update Details” 
  2.    Click on “Add/Update Aadhaar Number”
  3.    Submit your Aadhaar Number 
  4.      Enter OTP received on your register mobile number from “UIDAI”
  5.   After Authentication through OTP, Aadhaar will be linked to your PRAN 

1.      A Subscriber is required to seed the Aadhaar in his / her PRAN through the above process even if Aadhaar was provided earlier
2.      For Government Subscribers, the Aadhaar seeding process will be completed once the request initiated by a Subscriber is authorised online by his /her respective Nodal Office

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