AP schools mid day meal MDM scheme New timings

AP half day schools time table 2017. AP RC 25 nude image Primary School at 11 a.m. High Schools at 1 P.M. MDM service in school As per RC number 25 changes. Now all schools follow new menu.
Ap Rc 25
AP RC 25 MDM Timings in Half day Schools 2017
Sub:-Mid Day Meal Scheme Request for change of Mid Day Meals timings during half day schools Instructions Reg. Read:  RC.No.40/A &  l/2017 Date:07/03/2017 of the Commissioner of School Education,  AP,  Amaravathi.  The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to thereference read above and they are instructed to change the MDM timings during the half day schools to 11.00 am,  so that the children do not remain hungry for a long period of time.  For the schools where examination centre for 10th Class exams are there,  the MDM is to be servedbefore starting of school i.e.,  scheduled for 1.00to 5.00 P.M.  working hours

#AP schools mid day meal MDM scheme New timings

#AP RC 40 Half day school Timings Time Table