How to take Bio Metric Attendance in AP Schools

AP State Government announced Bio Matric Attendance recently to implement in all types like Model schools, Hostels, Primary, Upper primary, High schools, Municipal schools and Govt schools. AP State Govt also introduced in social welfare hostels academic year 2015-16. Use manual given below to implement Bio matric attendance

How to take Bio Metric Attendance in AP Schools:

How to take Bio Matric Attendance in AP Schools
Bio Matric Login page
How to Check Bio Matric Attendance System Shown Below In Step Wise Login Page:

This is the Login Page. In this we have to enter School Code in the place of User name  and Password in the place of password.
After that
Click the Login Button
Click To Home Page:
This is the Home Page of our Application..After clicking the login button the data of that particular  School will be downloaded from the server and visible on  the screen.In this screen four buttons  were provided.

  • *.Attendance Capture
  • *.Update Student Roll ID and  Section
  •  *.Reports
  • *.Data Sync Click the Attendance Capture button. Thenthe below  screen will appear.

  1. Enter Roll ID in the field “Enter ID”. Then the details of that ID will appear on the screen. 
  2. After that click verify button and place your eye on the IRIS  Scanner.It will verify your details with Aadhaar Server.
  3.  For successful verification we will get a tick mark screen as  shown in below picture.This screen indicates that the student details matched  with the Aadhaar server.
  4. If we want to update the student Roll ID orSection then  click the “Update Student Roll ID and Section” in Home  Page.
  5.  After clicking this button we are able to edit the Roll ID  and Section, make the changes and click submit button.
  6. If we want to see the Reports then click the “Reports  button” in Home Page.
  7. The above shown picture will appear.
  8.  Choose the category  from the list givenBased upon the category we have selected the reports will  appear on the screen as shown in above picture.

*Guidelines of  How to take Bio Metric Attendance in AP Schools