Telangana Loans Schemes Apply at

 Telangana Loans Schemes Apply at Telangana State online beneficiary Management and Monitoring System (OBMMMS) is for helping loans with various Departments in Telangana state. Details given below. People of Telangana state whose there want to apply for the loans and schemes various corporations are available in this portal.

 Telangana Loans Schemes Apply at

 Apply at
OBMMS Website 

Scheme Features  

  1. Under this welfare scheme for backward drivers, loan amount will be offered to the eligible drivers for purchasing their own cars and for the loan amount interest rates will be low when compared with normal rates. 
  2. Under this scheme, apart from the drivers from the backward communities like SC/ST and also from OBC. Qualified drivers from the minority groups who are often considered as the non-Hindu will be able to get more benefits in the loan procedures followed.
  3.  In order avail benefits under this scheme, the eligible potential drivers from those selected communities can apply from the 15th of February to 28th February of 2017. Only those drivers who registered within the mentioned dates will be considered to avail benefits. 
  4. As the entire nation moves towards the digitalization process, the registration process carried for this special welfare schemes for backward class drivers carried in online. For that special website has been created to assist drivers.
  Personal Details of Applicant Financial Year: 2017   
  1. Name   
  2. Aadhaar No.  
  3.  Father’s / Husband’s Name:  
  4. Date of Birth  
  5.  Mobile No.    
  6. Alternate Mobile No. :   
  7. Gender  :  Male   Female
  8.  Educational Qualification  :   
  9. Religion  9 
Meeseva Caste No. : Name as per Meeseva Caste No.   Caste * :   Sub Caste * :  
  1. Meeseva Income Certificate No.  :   
  2. Annual income (Rs.) :  
  3. Name as per Meeseva Income No. :  
  4.  Driving Licence (DL) No :  
  5.  Date of first issue of DL : apply for this programme  
  6. Willing to Drive in Hyderabad  
Telangana List Of Departments Under Schemes
  1. SC Corporation  
  2. ST Corporation  
  3. BC Corporation 
  4.  BC Federation  
  5. T.S. Washermen Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad 
  6. T.S. Nayee Brahmin Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad  
  7. T.S. Vaddera Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad  
  8. T.S. Sagara(Uppara) Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad 
  9.  T.S. Valmiki/Boya Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad 
  10.  T.S. Krishna Balija, Poosala Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad 
  11.  T.S. Bhattraja Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad
  12.   T.S. Kummari Shalivahana Cooperative Societies Federation Ltd., Hyderabad  
  13. T.S. Viswabrahmins Cooperative Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad  
  14. T.S. Medara Finance Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad  
  15. T.S. Toddy Tappers Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad  
  16. TS Minorities Finance Corpn 
  17.  TS Christian Minorities Finance Corpn  Disabled Welfare 8.Telangana Women Cooperative Finance Corporation.

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