AP Employees General Transfers 2017 Guidelines

AP Employees General Transfers 2017 Guidelines Employee Transfer relaxation from 25th April to 24th May.Three years service should be completed by April 1st as per AP G.O 64, ITDA staff will complete two years. Transition to the completion of five years is mandatory Complete the counseling process from May 15th to 20th. The state government has lifting ban for general transfers of employees. The ban on transfers has been issued by orders with guidelines relieving from 25th April to 24th May.
The transition should be based on transfers. All government departments have been prepared by May 5th, 2017 to complete their assigned service at any location. Suggesting that May 15th should complete the counseling process through 20th.

AP Employees General Transfers 2017 Guidelines:

Transfer Rules . As of April 1, 2017, employees who have completed three years of service in any area can apply for transfers. Employees working in ITDA area can apply if they have completed two years of service.

Those who have completed five years of service must be transferred.
Requirement transfers should not exceed 5%. These include drivers, spouses, spouses, mentally disabled children, widows and patients who are employed in compassionate employment.
Employees with disabilities exceeding 40 per cent should be considered dividends. One must be transferred to the spouse. Once you use this opportunity, they have been changed after eight years.
The seniority of the same station should perform requisite transfers based on performance.
If the application is transferred, then the employees will be transferred.
IT applications (online) receive and take transfers.
When confirming the fields, the five years of service must be shown along with the existing ones and must also be shown to those who are transferred.
Employees who wish to transfer must have their options registered from May 5 to 10.
The Counseling Schedule will be held on May 11th.
When transferring to ITDA area should be replaced by the age of 50. Those who have never worked in the area should be transferred there first. Initially, it should take action to replace ITDA vacancies.
A station will be taken into consideration for the service in the city/town / village where it worked.
* Exceptions *: Commercial Taxes, Prohibition-Excise, Stamps-Registries. Exemption from transportation, service departments, education departments (school education, higher education), health, medicine, family welfare and agricultural departments. The respective departments specifically issue guidelines.
However, the departments can specifically schedule their activities based on the guidelines issued by the Finance Ministry. The departments should also complete the transition process by May 24.
The agriculture department can do this according to their convenience. Accused, ACB and Vigilance Cases will not be transferred to anyone. Employees who retire before March 31, 2018 will not be transferred unless the public interest is involved

#Download AP GO 64 Lifting Ban of AP Employees Transfers and Postings 2017