AP Teachers Transfers 2017 U-DISE 2016-17 School Roll Enrollment Particulars

#AP Teachers Transfers 2017 U-DISE School wise enrollment details academic year 2016-17 School Roll Enrollment Particulars as per U DISE 2016-17 released by CSE AP. Teachers who want apply online web counseling for teachers transfers Web Counselling 2017 know put web options once check child ratio – Teachers ratio in rationalization 2017. AP schools like Primary upper primary high schools enrollment 2017. Web counseling options depend on child ratio if you do not check child enrollment particulars your post must put in rationalization next the academic year 2017.

AP Teachers Transfers 2017 U-DISE 2016-17 School Roll Enrollment Details:

U-DISE Child enrollment particulars 2016-17
AP Teachers Transfers 2017
Sno.   Dist Name Paarticulars 
1   Kurnool Click Here
2   kadapa Click Here
3   Ananthapur Click Here
4   Chirttoor Click Here
5   Nellor Click Here
6   Prakasam Click Here
7   Guntur Click Here
8   Krishna Click Here
9   Eat Godavari Click Here
10  West Godavari Click Here
11  Vishaka patnam Click Here
12 Srikakaulam Click Here
13 Vizianagaram Click Here

AP Teachers Transfers 2017 Eligibility for Web Counselling:

1. Minimum service of Teachers should be 2 years at present working place.
2. SGT/ SA/ PET Teachers of 6 years service at same school should be transferred.
3. High School Hea Masters of 5 years at same school should be transferred.
4. Priority for 40% or above 40% & PHC employees
5. Priority for teachers those whose children are mentally retarded
6. One can avail the facility of transfer in the case of spouse
7. Transfers for better administration should be done after verifying the reasons
8. Compassionate teachers should also be permitted to participate in counseling
9. Teachers should relieve within a week from the date of transfer
10. Officials should verify whether the personal reasons are correct
11.Teachers can be transferred from focal to focal, non –focal to non – focal, non – focal to focal posts
12. Seniority should be preferred while counseling the transfers of employees

AP Teacher transfers 2017 Web Counselling schedule Dates:

  • Transfers Online Application Submission Start  1st May 2017
  • Last Date of Transfers Online Application Submission: 15th May 2017
  • Transfers Web Options Submission Start: 11th May 2017
  • Last Date of Transfers Web Options Submission: 14th May 2017
  • Teacher transfers Orders Copy release: 26th May 2017
  • New School Joining Date: 00th June 2017.