AP High Schools Rationalisation 2017 Staff And Pattern As Per G.O 29

AP High Schools Rationalisation 2017 Teachers in AP who are teaching 6th class to 10th class their Staff And Pattern norms released As Per G.O. NO 29 Dated 22-05-2017. AP High Schools Rationalization 2017 AP HS (Single Medium English/Telugu) – Staff pattern VI to X classes (designed keeping in view posts required as per RTE Act  2009 and RMSA norms and available posts in the state)

AP High Schools Rationalisation 2017 Staff And Pattern As Per G.O 29:

AP High Schools Rationalisation 2017 Staff And Pattern As Per G.O 29
AP High Schools Rationalisation 2017 

AP High Schools Rationalisation 2017 Staff And Pattern Guidelines:

  1. The staffing pattern for High School shall be as indicated in Table III-A above, including Success Schools. 
  2. Minimum staff to be provided to Schools with 51-240 enrollment will be 9 subject teachers. 
  3.  High Schools with enrollment slap crossing over and above 1200-1240 student enrollment, one additional S.A post for every 35 additional students enrollment may be provided in the order of SA (Maths), SA (English), SA (SS), SA (BS), SA (First Language), and SA (PS). 
  4.  A High Schools with less than 50 enrollment shall be treated as non-viable. 
  5.  For Success Schools with >= 50 enrolments in English Medium, the staff pattern as at Table III-B shall be adopted. 
  • If the enrolment in either Telugu or E.M is < 50, such schools may be consolidated to nearby Success HS or may be limited to a single medium in consultation with  S.M.D.C.S.M.C. / of the school. 
  • If the enrolment in English Medium in Success Schools is >50 to <140, 4 Teachers (i.e.,.1 School Assistant  (Mathematics), 1 S.A (Physical Science), 1 S.A (B.S) and 1 S.A. (Social Studies)) shall be provided, in addition to the staffing pattern defined in Table III-A. 
  • If the enrollment in E/M Schools is >=141 to 240, the staff will be additionally provided as a separate Unit as per the Table 3-A, except H.M Post and Physical Education Teacher Post. 
  • If the enrolment in E/M in Success Schools is > 500, additionally 1 HM Post &1 P.E.T. post will be provided exclusively for E.M Success School for improving academic and administrative monitoring, where there are surplus HMs, they may be provided to setup separate E.M Success Schools in descending order. 
 Minor medium, enrolment of a Parallel Medium HS – Staff pattern (Urdu/Hindi/ Kannada/Marathi/Oriya/Tamil etc.) 

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