Performance Related Points All Category in AP Teachers Transfers 2017

Performance Points: G.O 31 AP Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Performance Related Points. Based On U-DISE for Teachers And Head Masters   Guidelines.

 Teachers Regulation of Transfers Performance Related Points:

AP Teachers (Regulation of Transfers) Performance Related Points 

Performance Related Points

  • School Related Performance  Verification / Validity POINTS
  • Increase in enrollment by 10 to 20% during last 2 years  (Applicable to H.M & all Teachers) As per integrated Aadhaar Based U- DISE enrollment data during last 2 years as on 31 st December of the year in which transfers are to be taken up. Aadhaar seeding done/purified on a subsequent date or if the student is having E.I.D.No. it is valid. 06 Pointes 

 100% own school transition of U-DISE data of last 2 years children 05 Pointes 
  • 1 st to 2nd class
  • 2 nd to 3rd class
  • 3 rd to 4th class
  • 4th to 5th class
  • 5th to 6th class
  • 7th to 8th class
  • 8th to 9th class
(Applicable to H.M and concerned teachers)
  1. Marks obtained by students as per CCE and additional assessments If 80% enrolled Students in the class got B II and above Grade 06 Pointes 
Undertaken in the preceding two academic years. If this is not available for preceding two years, data for preceding 1 academic year may be considered 
  1. If ≥50% to < 80% enrolled students got B II and above grade 04 Pointes 
  2. If ≥25% to < 50% enrolled students in class got B II and above grade 02 Pointes 
School Pass % performance in SSC exam (Applicable to H.M only)
  1. HM certificate
  2. Counter certificate by Dy.E.O
  3. Crossed verified with DG (Examinations)
  • 95% to 100% pass percentage 06 Pontes 
  • 85% to 94.99% pass percentage 04 Pointes 
  • 50% to 84.99% pass percentage 02 Pointes 
M.D.M. online indent submission in time for Food
  1. Grains (Applicable to H.M). As confirmed by the NIC Data If intent is submitted on time in >90% instances 02 Pointes 
  2. If submitted on time in >80% to <89.99% instances 01 Points 
Online submission of daily MDM Report through APP /SMS of a number of students taking meals (applicable to HM only) 
  1. If submitted >90%of school working days 02 Pointes 
  2. If submitted >80% to <89.99% of school working days. 01 Pointes 
Total Institutional Performance Points 27
Individual Related Performance Points  
  1. The teachers who were honoured with the National Award from the  Government of India (applicable only once in the 5/8 year period).  6  The teachers who secured State award issued by the State  Government (applicable only once in the 5/8 year period)  5  
  2. Marks obtained by students as per CCE of any additional Assessment conducted for 2 preceding academic years. If not available for preceding 1 academic year.  6  
  • If 80% and above students in the class B-II marks and above grade 6  
  • If ≥50% to < 80% students got B II marks and above grade 4 
  • If ≥25% to < 50% students in class got B II and above grade 2
  1. Performance in SSC Results 100% pass in concerned subject  90% to 99.99% and above pass % in concerned subject 5  
  2. 80% to 89.99% and pass % in concerned subject 3
  3. Participation in sports & games  points to be given for both  PET/HM (conducted by  SAAP/SGF/Govt. recognised  accredited organisation)  National State  – HM Certificate  – Counter  – Certified by Chairperson SMC  Committee 6
  1. The criteria for determination of the above performance parameters shall be two preceding academic years.(1 year,  where not applicable).  
  2. Data will be drawn from the related databases available 
  3.  Applicable to the HM / Concerned Teachers.
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