GO MS 37 Telangana Minorities Study Circle HYD Free Coaching For minorities

#GO MS 37 Telangana Minorities Study Circle HYD Free Coaching For minorities Minorities Welfare Department  Starting of “Telangana State Minorities Study Circle” at Hyderabad – Orders 
G.O.Ms.No. 37  Dated: 03-08-2015.

GO MS 37 Telangana Minorities Study Circle HYD Free Coaching For minorities

GO MS 37 Telangana Minorities Study Circle HYD

O R D E R:

  1. It has been noticed that the percentage of Minorities in the Job Market Government / Private Sector is very low and the Government is keenly interested in the development and welfare of Minorities in the State and as such notable provisions have been made in the Budget towards Educational, Social and Economic development of Minorities.  Students from Minority Community are often handicapped because of their extreme educational backwardness to access to better opportunities in the Employment sectors of State / Central Governments and in Private Sector.  
  2. In the circumstances and after careful examination of the issue, the Government decided to start “Telangana State Minorities Study Circle”, to enable the students of Minority Communities to access the benefit of Government jobs in the State / Central Government, Quasi Government and Private Sectors on par with other Welfare Departments.
  3. The government, hereby accord permission to Director, Minorities Welfare, Telangana, Hyderabad to start #“Telangana State Minorities Study Circle” at Hyderabad in the first instance to provide coaching for the following competitive examinations: –
  4. GO MS 37 Telangana Minorities Study Circle HYD Free Coaching For minorities

  • Telangana State public Service Commission (Group-I, II, III and IV);
  • 2.      Staff Selection Commission;
  • 3.      Railway Recruitment Board;
  • 4.      Bank Probationary Officers;
  • 5.      U.P.S.C. Central Services Recruitment;
  • 6.      Armed Forces Recruitment;
  • 7.      Central Public Sector Undertakings;
  • 8.      Para Military, Police, Central Excise, Teachers/Lecturers/Engineers Recruitment;
  • 9.      Job Oriented Courses like Tally, Medical Transcription, Industrial Automation and Embedded systems etc., and similar Job Oriented Programmes;
4.                     Government further order that Smt. J.L.B. Haripriya, Deputy Collector working in the Wakf Board shall hold Full Additional Charge (FAC) of the post of Director, Telangana State Minorities Study Circle, until further orders.
5.                     Initially, the Course materials required for Study Circle can be obtained from A.P. Study Circle and B.C. Study Circle on payment of or on sharing basis.  The Faculty Members of A.P. Study Circle and B.C. Study Circle may also be requested to take up classes for Study Circle and payments may be arranged by the Director, Telangana State Minorities Study Circle as required.  In case adequate numbers of a faculty member are not available from these institutions, can engage experienced faculty members from any other Institutions. 
6.                     The government also accord permission for outsourcing/contract basis for the services of the required staff for the Study Circle for a period of one year from the date of utilization of the posts, for the Telangana State Minorities Study Circle.
(A)       Staff salaries/wages (Rs. 15.00 Lakhs)
Orders on the composition of supporting officers/staff will be issued separately.
(B)       Other Recurring Expenditure (Office Expenses). (Rs. 10.00 Lakhs)
Rent, Water & Electricity Supply Charges, Miscellaneous (Service Postage, T.A., Stationery, etc.
(C)       Coaching Programme/Material. (Rs. 40.00 Lakhs)
II.        NON-RECURRING EXPENDITURE: (Rs. 60.00 Lakhs)
Towards Furniture, Fixtures, Office Equipment, Library Books, etc.
(Total Cost (i.e. Recurring + Non-recurring) Rs. 1.25 Crores.
7.                     The expenditure for Study Circles for Minorities shall be debited to the following Head of Account: –
                        2225    –           Welfare of SCs, STs, and other Backward Classes;
                        80        –           General
                        800      –           Other Expenditure
                        SH (29) –         Providing coaching to students in Telangana Study Circle
                        310      –           Grant-in-Aid
                        312      –           Other Grant-in-Aid
8.                     Smt. J.B.L. Haripriya, Deputy Collector is requested to immediately take charge and make the Study Circle operational within one week and take up coaching program for Minorities for the various jobs/posts notified by the Government and other Agencies.  
9.                     The Director, Minorities Welfare, Telangana, Hyderabad, and Smt. J.B.L. Haripriya, Director, Telangana State Minorities Study Circles shall take immediate necessary action accordingly.
10.                   A copy of this order is available on the online and can be accessed at the address http://www.goirtelangana.gov.in.
                  SYED OMER JALEEL,