Manual Counselling Schedule Released in Teachers Transfers 2017

Manual Counselling Schedule Released in Teachers Transfers 2017.Step By Step Manual Counselling Guidelines Released. Manual Counselling Should Held As Per GO MS NO 43 Only.Rationalisation Follows Finally As per AP GO 42 
1. After confirmation by the District Educational Officers, the Seniority lists shall be frozen. All the modifications required, should be made before confirmation of the seniority lists by the DEOs.No further modifications will be allowed. For example, if a teacher applied with spouse points, during the counseling time he/she shall not be allowed to come under general (without spouse points) category. 
2. The vacancies uploaded by the DEos shall be Final. No further change shall be allowed like type of vacancy, category of the school, etc. 
3. For the Manual Counselling Process 8 to 12 slots per day will be provided based on the number of HM/Teachers applications received per district. Each slot contains maximum of 50 teachers 
4. The slot wise list of teachers will be informed displayed on the website and an SMS will be sent informing the same.Accordingly, they will be allowed into the counseling room by the DEOs. 
5. Each slot will have one hour time. e., 4 to 6 slots pre-lunch session and other 4 to 6 slots post lunch session.By this process maximum of 400 to 600 teachers counseling can be completed per day
6. A display screen will be set up outside the counseling room which will display the available vacancies along with resultant vacancies.
7. Before entering into counseling room the teacher should bring his list of options among the available vacancies school and Mandal wise for easy selection on the system. 
8. The teacher will be allowed into counseling hall along with any one of the following personnel. i. f female teacher, spouse ii. Any one of the parents iii. Brother/Sister/Guardian 
9. No public representative, teacher union or union office bearers will be allowed into the counseling area. 
10.At the counseling centreBiometric Attendance of the teacher will be taken before generating the posting order. 
11.After exercising his/her option through online, the vacancy opted will be removed from the list. The proceedings will be generated immediately and can be downloaded from the website. 
12. The resultant vacancy can be opted by next junior of the teacher, who vacated the place. 
13. The entire Web-assisted Manual counseling process will be supported by the Technical services provided by Centre for Good Governance (CGG) and through a centralized system to maintain the uniformity in all the districts.

  1.  Rationalisation as per revised GO MS No 42, dt 1 30-06-17 03-7-17 to 08-07-17 
  2.  Regeneration of Entitlement Points as per GO MS NO 43  03-07-17 to 06-07-17 
  3. Verification of Certificates & Entitlement points in MEO/Dy EO logins  07.07.17 to 10-07-17
  4. Verification of Certificates & Entitlement points A at DEO level (where there is difference in  application points and MEO/Dy Eo confirmation points only) 11-07-2017 to 12-07-17 
  5. Display of Provisional Seniority lists for  confirmation at DEO login 13-07-17 to 14-07-17 Objections on Provisional Seniority lists through 6 online (to be clarified by concerned DEOs in respective logins) 14-07-17 to 16-07-17
  6.   Generation of final Seniority Lists in DEO logins 17-07-17 
  7. Uploading and Display of Vacancies On or before 14.07.17 
  8. Manual Counseling for Headmasters Gr ll at  RJDSE/DEO logins 18-07-17 
  9. Manual Counseling for School Assistant  (Languages) and Language Pandits 19-07-17 to 20-07-17
  10.  Manual Counseling for School Assistant (Non- Languages) PSHM 21-07-17 to 22-07-17 
  11. Manual counseling for SGTs PETs 22-07-17 to 26-07-17 
  12. 13 Date of Joining in New Schools 12 31-07-17 A.N.  

                                                                                                           SdI- K. SANDHYA RANI 
                                                                                                 Commissioner of School Education 
Manual Teachers Transfers 2017
Schedule, Vacancies, Rationalisation, Long stand list, orders, Surplus list 
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