TS Employees Incentive Scheme Online Application at @awards.telangana.gov.in/tseis/

TS Employees Incentive Scheme Online Application at Telangana State Employees Incentive Scheme http://awards.telangana.gov.in/tseis/
TS Employees Incentive Scheme Online Application at awards.telangana.gov.in/tseis/

Eligibility of Employees Incentive Scheme Online Application:

1. Telangana state employees incentive is for the individual employee.
2. All regular Government Employees, whose salary is paid from the Treasury are eligible to apply.
3. For the incentive scheme employees have been categorized into Four Categories, Class-IV, Class-III, Class-B/Group-II and Class-I/Group-I.
4. All applications for the incentive shall be submitted online through www.telangana.gov.in.
5. All the details of the application form must be filled as per the instructions contained therein. Application with incomplete /insufficient details shall not be considered.
6. It is a self-application by the Individual employee (Employee can take the assistance from those who know computer online filing of the application).
7. The applicant has to mandatorily upload recommendation in the prescribed format from the immediate officer under whom he/she is working, the, however, applicant can also get second (2nd) additional recommendation/ reference from any other superior officer including the transferred/retired under whom he/she has worked during the assessment year. The second recommendation/ reference is optional.
8. One employee will submit one application only. For example, the employee has got promotion from one category to another category in the assessment year, he/she can apply only for one category as per his/her preference.
9. Employee, against whom charges / CCA Proceedings are pending, will not be eligible to apply.
10. An employee will get only one incentive in one particular category. For example, if an employee gets an incentive/award at Class-IV level in one particular year, he/she will not be eligible to file nomination for the incentive next year for the same category.
11. Employees all the four categories working in different Heads of Departments and secretariat will apply online.
12. In all matters pertaining to the incentive, the decision of the district /state scrutiny committee shall be final and binding.
13. These incentives shall be presented on the Independence day.


  •  Incentive for each category (Class-IV, Class-III, Class-B/Group-II and Class-I/Group-I) of the employee at the district level will be given. For 31 districts of the state total number of incentives will be 31 X 4 = 124. There will be eight more incentives – @ four each in the Heads of Departments, Secretariat respectively. This will make the total number ofincentives to 132.
  •  If applications not received for any of the category the same may be treated as nil.
  • Out of the 132 incentives at state level 12 state best employees will be selected @ (1st rank , 2nd rank, 3rd rank) in each category of employees (Class-IV, Class-III, Class-B/Group-II and Class-I/Group-I)


All 132 selected employees will be given an entry of the appreciation in service record, one increment for one year and a letter of commendation. The state best 12 employees in addition will be given cash incentive of Rs. 5.00 lakh for the 1st rank, Rs.3.00 lakh for the 2nd rank and Rs.2.00 lakh for the 3rd rank .
The selection process at the district level will be done by the district scrutiny committee consisting of five members as follows.
(i) The District Collector – Chairperson
(ii) District Revenue Officer – Convenor
(iii) Chief Planning Officer – Member
(iv) Department representative – Member
(v) Department representative – Member
(iv) and (v) as selected by District Collector.
The job of the District level committee will be to receive a nomination (online), scrutinize, select and forward the best four for the state level selection.
IT & C Department will give individual login id to each district collector. The district level committee may reject a nomination if found not suitable. The reasons for rejections must be recorded.
The District level committee will make a specific recommendation with
rationale for selecting the particular employee as a nominee for the state best
incentive through online in the given template. The nomination for the employee’s incentive @ 4 for HODs/secretariat respectively will be received processed and putup for selection to the state level
scrutiny committee by the incentive cell of GA (GPM&AR) Department.

The state level scrutiny committee will consist of seven members as follows:

  1.  Spl. C.S, Planning Dept – Chairperson
  2. Spl. C.S, Animal Husbandry – Member
  3. Prl. Secretary, GAD(GPM&AR) – Convener
  4.  Prl. Secretary, GAD(Poll) – Member
  5. Prl. Secretary, Finance Dept – Member
  6. Collector, Hyderabad – Member
  7.  Commissioner, Health – Member

The state level committee will select eight employees for the incentive. The selection of 12 best employees at the state level from the list of 132 will be done by the state level scrutiny committee.


For the incentive scheme, the performance of the preceding year will be assessed. For the current year 2017 the performance of the financial year 2016- 2017 will be assessed.


Application for the incentive will be accepted through online from
21st July 2017 00:00:01 hours to 31st July 2017 23:59:59 hours.

Telangana Employees Incentive Scheme Online Application, schedule, eligibility, guidelines at http://awards.telangana.gov.in/tseis/