AP Pensioners Online Bill Submission by DTA Now as Per G.O 176

AP Pensioners Online Bill Submission by DTA Now as Per G.O 176 Pensions Online submission of Pension proposals Development of web application by DTA for online submission of pension proposals by retired employees implementation of the system on a pilot basis.

AP Pensioners Online Bill Submission by DTA Now as Per G.O 176:

AP Pensioners Online Bill Submission by DTA Now as Per G.O 176
AP Pensioners Online Bill Submission by DTA Now

How to Calculate PRC for Ap&Ts Pensioners Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh

Read the following: 

  1. G.O. Ms No.262, Fin&PIg (FW.PSC) Department, dt.23.11.1998 
  2. G.O Ms No.263, Fin&Plg (FW-PSC) Department, dt.23.11.1998 
  3. G.O Ms No.97, Fin (HR)Department, dt.23.11.1998
  4. G.O.Ms No.111, Fin (HR) Department, dt.23.11.1998 
  5. DTA Office letter No: H3/7218/2017, dt. 03.03.2017 
  6. Memo No.517608/63/HR.V/2017. Finance (HR.V) Department, dt. 18.7.2017
  7. DTA Office 1ctter No.H3/7218/2017, dt. 07.09.2017.

The Government vide GO, 2nd read above have issued detailed instructions on the procedure for preparation and sanction of pension proposals of retired State Government employees.

As per the existing procedure, the r employee or the family of the employee with descriptive rolls and nomination forms in 5 sets. Such a filled in applications has to be submitted to the office where his/her salaries drawn, for further process then the Office shall fill in Part II (A) which contains the details of the applicant along with pension calculation sheet.

Part II (C) relevant information for apportionment of expenditure based on the length of service rendered in combined state and the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh Telangana State, given re-organisation of state. The Head of the office last working station shall sanction the pension in.

Part-II (B) of the said application duly verifying the details available in part II (A) concerning the Service Register, if that Officer is the pension sanctioning authority, otherwise the pension papers will be forwarded to authorising through proper channel for sanction of pension in Part II (B).

The sanctioning authority forwards the pension papers along with sanction order in duplicate to the Accountant General or District Audit Officer of respective district, as the case may be, along with Service Register of the applicant

The Accountant General District Audit Officer verifies the correctness of proposals concerning Service Register authorises Pension Payment order, Gratuity Payment Order Commutation Payment Order as applicable,

The DTA vide ref 5th cited, has stated that the entire process from submission of pension request by the applicant to release of PPO by the AG/District Audit Officer is completely manual now, as such, it has the following disadvantages:

  • The individuals have no facility to track the status of pension papers filed by the number of pensions pending at different 
  • The Government cannot derive statistics on the levels. 
  • The Government have no record on some pensions that are going to be released by the AG/DAO, failing to assess future commitment on new pensions.

The DTA has developed an I.T, application for preparation and submission of pension papers by the retiring employee dependents and process them by respective processing and sanctioning authorities duly integrating them with existing HRMS package. The proposed system has the following advantages:

  • SMS alerts to all the employees retiring in next six months reminding them to submit pension proposals at cyber treasury portal, and Part-II is 
  • The Part I format of application is made available made available at the D-D-O. Request option of the HRMS portal. 
  • Data available in HRMS will be linked s as the data entry can minimized. 
  • Office level work-flow is embedded. 
  • Electronic data can be shared with AG/District Audit Officers if they are ready to integrate with this application 
  • Integration with A.G./ D.T.A. can be made to fetch the data on issue of PPOs/GPOs/CVPs 
  • Integration with existing Pension Payment system to eliminate data entry at Treasuries 
  • Eliminates scope for submission of pension proposals in the name of bogus/ineligible persons as it linked with HRMS.

The Government after careful examination of the matter at this moment order that the pension papers preparation and sanction process in respect of employees retiring on or before 31-10-2017 and yet to submit pension proposals in School Education, Agriculture and Treasury and Accounts Departments be processed only through the said I.T. application. On the generation of Pension proposals in this application, the Sanctioning Authority shall download the completed applications and forward it to the respective Pension Authorizing Authority as per existing procedure. The DTA shall review the application and make necessary changes as required based on the feedback from the three pilot departments and send a comprehensive proposal implementation of this application across all departments w.e.f 01-01-2018

The Director of Treasuries and Accounts shall make necessary arrangements to extend support to the users of the application by providing user manuals, support team, training t facilitate smooth pilot run.

The Commissioner of School Education, Commissioner of Agriculture and Director of Treasuries and Accounts, are requested to ensure that the application is used strictly in their departments and provide feedback to DTA from time to time.

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