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Aided Staff Work Adjustment Proceedings


Rc.No. 4070/A5/A8/A9/85/86/B7/B9/C1/C2/C4/C5/C8/2021 dt: 05.11.2021

Sub:- School Education Aided Schools – Kurnool District Surrender of Aided School staff teaching & non-teaching Work Adjustment to needy schools and offices Certain instructions issued to the Deputy Educational Officers/Mandal Educational Officers – Order – Issued.

Read:1. G.O.Ms.No.50, SE Dated:17.08.2021.

2. G.O.Ms.No.65, Dt:24.09.2021.

  1. Instructions issued by the Director of School Education, A.P., Amaravathi in Webex Meeting Dt:01.11.2021.


In pursuance of the orders issued in reference 1 to 3d read above, the aided teaching & non-teaching staff who are surrendered to the department, due to withdrawal of Grant in Aid as per Government orders 1st read above mentioned in the Annexure(enclosed) are hereby drafted on work adjustment basis at the disposal of concerned Deputy Educational Officer/Mandal Educational Officers concerned in the district.

The Deputy Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers concerned are hereby instructed to adjust the Aided Teaching staff to the needy schools in their jurisdiction on a work adjustment basis until further orders and submit information to this office where the above teaching staff is adjusted.

The priority should be given to the schools where no. of students were admitted from the GIA institutions if there is no sufficient staff for classroom instruction to the newly admitted students and adjust the remaining staff in the needy schools against the vacant posts or deficient posts.

The above Teaching staff of Aided Schools is instructed to report before the concerned Deputy Educational Officers Officers/Mandal Educational Officers concerned noted against their names in the annexure on 08.11.2021 for further instructions.

Further, the Deputy Educational Officers/Mandal Educational Officers are instructed to issue instructions to the Junior Assistants/ Record Assistants and Office Subordinates working in the Aided Schools where the Management has submitted their willingness to surrender the staff (Annexure enclosed) with instructions to report before the undersigned on 08.11.2021 at 10.30 AM without fail. The receipt of these proceedings should be acknowledged.

Sd/-V.Rangareddy District Educational Officer, Kurnool.

Encls: Annexure.


All the staff as per Annexure.

All the Deputy Educational Officers/ Mandal Educational Officers concerned. Copy submitted to the Regional Joint Director of School Education, Kadapa in favour of information. Copy submitted to the Director of School Education, A.P.Amaravathi in favour of information.

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