AP Employees New DA 3.144% Announced 33.536% D.A. Table

AP Employees New DA 3.144% Announced

AP New DA State Government employees from 01.01.2019 @ 3.144% accordingly strengthened the ratio from 30.392% to 33.536% According to GO.MS.No 51. AP New DA from 01.01.2019 @ 3.144% is optimally improving the rate from 30.392% to 33.536% According to Go.MS.No. 51 | AP Grants Dearness allowances @ 3.144% to State Government employees from 1 January-19 Orders – Issued. G.O.MS.No. 51 Likes: 31-07-2021. AP Employees New DA 3.144% Announced. Dearness Allowance announced as per G.O MS NO 51. Dearness Allowance@3.144% to State Government Employees from 1 January 2019 Selected Orders Issued.

In the 13th promise read above, the Government has revised the levels of Dearness. Allowance (DA) is approved for reference 12 read above for Andhra Pradesh Government employees from 27.248% of basic capital to 30.392% of basic capital w.ef. July 1, 2018. In addition, the Government has decided to release the DA’s installments in a timely manner. Accordingly, the Government has issued orders that 2 DA (due to be issued from 1 January 2019 will be issued from July 2021 onwards. Detailed instructions for the release of the 2nd DA (due to be effective from 1 January 2019) will be issued in June 2021. Government-issued an amendment to rule 8 of order in reference 13 referred to above, that retirees / due retirees between 01.07.2018 and 30.06.2021 outstanding debts of Dearness Allowance have been deducted and paid with reference amount of 14th video. read above.

New D.A Bill Preparation 3.144%

All Drawing Officers are requested to make sure that the payments as per the above orders are drawn and the quantities credited to General Provident Fund Account in three equal installments within the months of July, August, September 2021. In respect of the staff working within the Government Offices underneath his audit management, the Pay & Accounts Officer shall consolidate and furnish the knowledge within the proforma annexed (Annexure-I) to this order to the Finance (PC and TA) Department by thirty first October, 2021.

17. All the Audit Officers (Sub-Treasury Officers) are requested to furnish the figures of the quantity credited to the General Provident Fund Account and the quantities credited to PRAN Accounts within the prescribed proforma (Annexure-I) enclosed, to the District Treasury by thirty first October, 2021.

The Deputy Directors of District Treasuries in flip shall consolidate the knowledge & furnish the identical in the identical proforma to the Director of Treasuries & Accounts by thirtieth November, 2021 & who in flip shall furnish the knowledge to the Government by thirty first December, 2021, 19 In respect of staff of the Local Bodies, the Drawing Officers shall furnish the above data within the prescribed proforma as per Annexure-I to the Audit Officer of the District involved earlier than thirty first October 2021 & who will in flip furnish the consolidated data to the Director of State Audit by 30 November 2021 The Director of State Audit in flip shall furnish the consolidated data to the Secretary to Government, Finance (PC and TA) Department by thirty first December, 2021.

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