AP RC 69 Village/ Ward Secretaries Need to Pass CBAS Declaration Level Test

Village/ Ward Secretaries Need to Pass CBAS Declaration Level Test Examination Rc 69 Rc: 69 / D / 2021 Date: 03/08/2021 Village / Ward Secretariat Functionaries – Departmental Examination Announcement. Examination – installed – Reg. Passing the Departmental Tests is sufficient for the Proclamation of the Ward Secretaries and Local Secretaries. There is no need to go through CBAS.

It will be noted that Government established 15004 village / Ward Secretariats for the effective implementation of social programs and to improve service delivery in a transparent and accountable citizenry department. Accordingly, the managers of the Ward / Ward Secretariat Office are appointed, appointed and serve as Village / Ward clerks. The evaluation of these employees requires notification after the completion of 2 years of operation.

Previously it was intended to test the Credit Based Assessment System for all District / Ward Secretariat staff and candidates who will be able to receive the test announcement. However, after careful scrutiny, it is decided to conduct departmental examinations only with APPSC and no other standard examinations and no Credit-based assessment examinations will be conducted on staff.
In addition,

Departments that have set departmental tests in accordance with the prescribed service rules are requested to conduct regular examinations through the APPSC and are required to follow the existing examination announcement procedure.
Departments that have not issued Departmental examinations are requested to identify and describe the relevant Departmental examinations that will be administered by the APPSC in accordance with the existing staff / equivalent level in their departments.

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