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Jagananna Vidya Deevena 3rd Installment Verification Process

It is informed that the service for downloading system-generated notices is being enabled in the logins of WEAS/WEDPSS of Village/Ward Secretariats, for being served to the students who are identified as ineligible in the six-step validation.

In this regard, the following instructions are issued for a proper serving of the notices to the students /parents concerned.

1) The WEA/WEDPS of the concerned Village/Ward Secretariat should download two copies of notices from Nava shakam login and serve the notice to the ineligible students/ parents, on Nov 6, 2021, duly obtaining the signature on the other copy.

2) The served copy (with the signature of student/parent) should be uploaded in the Navasakam login by the WEA/WEDPS concerned for the record while keeping the physical served copy in the Village/Ward Secretariats for future record purposes.

3) The notice is system generated notice and hence no signature of JD/DD is required.

The Joint Directors /Deputy Directors (SW) of the concerned district are requested to follow up on the above issue and ensure that notices are served to the ineligible students/parents so that they can file objections if any.

(This has the approval of the Director, SW, and Nodal Officer, JVD Scheme)

subjectJagananna Vidya Deevena Release of next installment in Nov 2021 by the Hon’ble CM- Preparatory activities to be taken up – Revised Schedule for disposal of objections by MPDOS and Municipal Commissioners Communicated.
readThis office Prodgs No.SOW02-16021/135/2021 D1-COSW pt.23.10.2021


In the reference read above, keeping in view of the release of Jagananna Vidya Deevena’s next installment in November 2021 by Hon’ble Chief Minister, the preparatory schedule was communicated with activity-wise timelines.

It is informed that the Hon’ble Chief Minister desires to release the next installment of Jagananna Vidya Deevena around Nov 15, 2021.

In view of the above, the following revised schedule of preparatory activity is communicated as follows.

S.NO.Activity/ preparatory stepEarlier scheduleModified schedule
1Sending detailed remarks by WEA/WES to the login of MPDO or Municipal Commissioner on objections received from ineligible students.nov 11, 2021nov 11, 2021
2Disposal of objections by the MPDOS and Municipal Commissioners, after conducting held verification and with justified reasons.nov 11 to 16, 2021nov 11 to 13, 2021
3Final orders to be served on the confirmed.nov 17, 2021nov 15, 2021

File No.SOW02-16021/135/2021-D1 SEC-COSW

ineligible applicants20212021
4generation of demand for the eligible students by the APCFSS team of jnana bhumi portal.nov 17, 2021nov 15, 2021

All the officers and staff concerned are requested to take follow-up action as per the revised schedule prescribed above.

The Director, GVWV&VSWS Department with a request to communicate the instructions to all the Joint Collectors concerned for implementing the above schedule in the Secretariats and by the MPDOs/Municipal Commissioners.

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