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New zonal system in TS for all departments and Police department

A new Telangana area plan for all departments and police departments. A new spatial plan is being implemented in Telangana. The State Government has developed a new offender system that will consist of seven locations and two multiple locations to facilitate the recruitment and transfer of staff. The new geographical plan is aimed at avoiding the injustices inflicted on workers in Andhra Pradesh. It will also ensure adequate benefits for those living in local areas following regional reorganization.

A review of the spatial plan was necessary following the formation of Telangana Province and subsequent reorganization of the districts increased their number to 31 from the first 10. According to officials, workers ‘proposals and teachers’ unions, who met with the Prime Minister and distributed their letters. proposals, also considered during the development of the new spatial plan.

The government has decided to divide the 31 districts into seven constituencies and two more constituencies and inform the staff of other issues that came up for discussion at a meeting hosted by the Prime Minister.

The long-pending new zonal system has come into force in Telangana, as the government issued orders with the consent of the Centre, paving the way to fill vacancies in all government departments soon. T Govt issued orders on “Telangana Public Employment (Organisation of Local Cadres and Regulation of Direct Recruitment) Amendment Order 2021” under which the new zonal system for the police and non- police departments has been created separately.

Telangana New Zonal System full Details

Telangana Zones

The total no. of multi zones are 2. So, zone – 1 to zone – 4 are cover under the multi-zone – 1 and zones – 5, 6 and 7 would be in multi zone – 2. The total details of Zonal and Multi Zonal districts in TS as follows

  • Kaleshwaram Zone – 1
  • Basara Zone – 2
  • Rajanna Zone – 3
  • Bhadradri Zone – 4
  • Yadadri Zone – 5
  • Charminar Zone – 6
  • Jogulamba Zone – 7

For all telangana departments except police department

Zone No.Name of the ZoneDistrict Names
zone – 1KaleshwaramAsifabad-Komarambheem,
Mulugu districts.
Zone – 2BasaraAdilabad,
Jagitial districts.
Zone – 3RajannaKarimnagar,
Kamareddy districts.
Zone – 4BhadradriKothagudem-Bhadradri,
Warangal Rural,
Warangal Urban districts.

TS Multi Zone – 1 Details

Zone No.Name of the ZoneDistrict Names
Zone – 5YadadriSuryapet,
Jangaon districts.
Zone – 6CharminarMedchal-Malkajgiri,
Vikarabad districts.
Zone – 7JogulambaMahabubnagar,
Nagarkurnool districts.

Telangana Multi Zone – 2 Details

For TS Police department

Police department Multi Zone 1

Zone No.Name of the ZoneDistrict Names
Zone – 1KaleshwaramAsifabad-Komarambheem,
Mulugu districts and
Ramagundam police commissionerate.
Zone – 2BasaraAdilabad,
Jagitial districts and
Nizamabad police commissionerate.
Zone – 3RajannaKarimnagar police commissionerate and
Siddipet police commissionerate,
Medak and
Kamareddy districts.
Zone – 4BhadradriKothagudem Bhadradri,
Khammam police commissionerate,
Mahabubabad and
Warangal police commissionerate.

TS Zones

Police department Multi Zone – 2

Zone No.Name of the ZoneDistrict Names
Zone – 5YadadriSuryapet,
Rachakonda police commissioner.
Zone – 6CharminarHyderabad police commissioner,
Cyberabad police commissionerate,
Sangareddy and
Vikarabad districts.
Zone – 7JogulambaMahabubnagar, Narayanpet,
Nagarkurnool districts.

After a long wait, the Central Government approved a new spatial plan proposed by the Telangana government to recruit staff for District government services. A gazette notice was issued allowing the State government to provide 95 per cent booking for all state-level employment to the people of Telangana Province under the new geographical system. This will pave the way for the State government to fill almost 50,000 vacancies in various departments.

The Department of Home Affairs has issued a gazette notice that Telangana Public Employment (Regional Organization and Direct Employment Management) 2018 has been amended and will be renamed Telangana Public Employment (Local Organization and Direct Employment Management) Order, 2021.

As reported, the two Multi-Zones comprising a total of seven locations were created for all departments except the police department. The police department is also organized into two separate divisions comprising seven areas comprising all police commissioners and the regional police headquarters. The seven areas are Kaleshwaram (Zone 1), Basara (Zone 2), Rajanna (Zone 3), Bhadradri (Zone 4), Yadadri (Zone 5), Charminar (Zone 6) and Jogulamba (Zone 7). While areas 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be part of the first Multi-Zone, the remaining three areas will be part of the second Multi-Zone.

Accordingly, all notices of upcoming jobs and appointments will be made according to the new spatial plan. The new zonal system will facilitate the transfer of funds, without hiring staff at state-level jobs. The new geographical plan, proposed by the government in 2018, has received the President’s approval after the Prime Minister met with other Prime Ministers and senior officials on the matter earlier.

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