AP SSC English Model Question Paper

AP SSC 2022 English Model Question Papers- 10th Class Question Paper

AP SSC 2022 English Model Question Paper. 100 Marks Paper 1 and Paper 2 syllabus pdf. Download AP SSC Exams blueprint. 10th Class Question Paper. SSC PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS-2022. AP SSC 2022 English Model Question Paper


Class: X Max Marks: 100

Time: 3hrs 15min.



1. Answer all the questions on a separate answer hook supplied to you.

2. Write the answer to the questions under Section – B and Section – C on the separate supplied to you at one place in the same order as they are seen in the question paper.

3. 15 minutes of time is allotted for reading the question paper.


Questions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully.

It was a fine sight the temple elephant yoked to the engine by means of stout ropes, with fifty determined men pushing it from behind, and my friend Joseph sitting in the driving seat. A huge crowd stood around and watched in great glee. The engine began to move. It seemed to me the greatest moment in my life. When it came out of the Gymkhana and reached the road, it began to behave in a strange manner. Instead of going straight down the road it showed a tendency to wobble and move zigzag. The elephant dragged it one way, Joseph turned the wheel for all he was worth without any idea of where he was going, and fifty men behind it clung to it in every possible manner and pushed it just where they liked. As a result of all this confused dragging, the engine ran straight into the opposite compound wall and reduced a good length of it to powder. At this the crowd let out a joyous yell

(The engine Trouble) 5×2=10 M

Now answer the following questions:

1. Who were involved in moving the engine out of Gymkhana grounds?

2. What was the speaker’s idea behind moving the engine from the ground?

3. Who were enjoying the most when the engine was moved out of the ground?

4. What was the disaster that took place while bringing out the engine from the Gymkhana?

5. Who had to face the loss made by the engine?

Questions (6-10): Read the following passage carefully.

Pigeons are very common birds. We see them sitting on roof tops, eating grain and flying around in groups. They do not seem to do anything useful. But, long before there were any aeroplanes, they carried out first airmail” The pigeon is a strong flier. It can fly long distance without stopping or resting The strangest thing about the pigeon is that it will always fly back home You may take a pigeon across mountains, and seas, but it will always fly back home. That is why they are called homing pigeons or homen Pigeons have been used to carry messages since very early days. Six thousand years ago, the Egyptians used them to send letters and small parcels. The Chinese also used there carrier pigeons They were mostly used by traders and businessmen to send messages about the price of thing when the slup arrive In Greece, the news of the Olympic Games was sent by pigeons post

New answer the following questions: 5×2=10 M

6. How were pigeons useful to man when there were no airplanes?

7. Why are pigeons called “homers?

Choose the correct answer from the choice given below:

8. How can you say that pigeon is a strong flier? ( )

i) It has strong legs like an eagle.

ii) It flies long distances without any rest

iii) It is the head of the birds.

9. How did the Chinese use the pigeons mainly? ( )

i) To send messages about the prices of things.

ii) To send parcels to each other

iii) To tell people about the arrival of ships

10. Which one of the following is a TRUE statement? ( )

i) Pigeons are useless birds since olden days.

ii) Pigeons lose their way home if left at far distances.

iii) Postal services were done by pigeons to send the news about Olypmpics.

Questions (11-15): Study the following data given in the table.

Production of sugar of six major production units of India in million tonnes

Production Units



Now answer the following questions: 5×2=10 M

11.What information is furnished in the above table?

12. What is the highest production of Unit D and in which month?

Choose the right option from the choices given for each question.

13.Which month/ months show a gradual decrease in production of sugar? ( )

i) April ii) May iii) June

14. What is the total production of Unit C in 5 months ? ( )

i) 908

ii) 906

iii) 960

15. Which is the CORRECT statement among the given sentences ( )

i) Una F has produced more tonnes of sugar in June when compared to the previous two months

ii) Unit A has produced the least in the month of June

iii) In August, the production increased in all the units


16.Write the synonyms (Words with similar meanings) of the underlined words choosing the words from the list given.

(overflowing, killed, cagerly, marched, vomit, gladly, run)

Vijaya paced (a) anxiously (b) in the room, jumping at every sound, suddenly she threw up (c). Ammamma slowly got her to bed and gave her a nightic to change Lying on the bed, Vijaya started weeping bitterly, tears welling (d) up. Ammamma! Nowadays it is difficult to find out who are friends or enemies. A few days ago, his own friends murdered (e) a youth and threw him in a canal

17.Write the opposite words to the underlined words in the given lines: “My child! Why do you get only unpleasant (a) thoughts! Since last night, you have only bad throughts and are thinking of the worst 2 (b) During the days of the freedom (e) struggle, your grandfather would not come home for ten days at a stretch. In those days there were no mobile phones to find out, were they? We continued (d) out day to day chores and waited for him anxiously!” (e) Ammamma recalled her past.

18.Fill in the blanks with the right form of the words given in brackets. 5×1=5 M

Everything seems to be based around money and……………..(a) (own/ownig) things. Social evils have destroyed……………….(b) (tradition/traditional) values, Parents are over………………….(c) (prolective/Protect) and…………………… (d) (anxious/anxiety) towards their children, Vijaya is the mother in a………….. (e) (typically/ typical) middle class family.

19.i) Complete the following words by using oo, au, ai, ca, ou. 2x½-1 M

a) compl_ n

b) am nisi

ii) Complete the following words with the given suffixes in the brackets.

a) super………(ierfior)

b) supplica…….(tion/sion)

iii) One word in the set is wrongly spelt. Rewrite it correctly in your answer book. 3×1-3 M

a) denounced construtive reliable investigate

b) kneumonia masterpiece patient lantern

c) Particular immediately knovelty curious


20. Identify and write the parts of speech of the underlined words. 2×1=2

a) Yesuda sings melodiously.

b) Books are the store houses of knowledge

21.Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions. 2×1=2

a) I saw her………………….7.30pm.

b) Shubham’s office is………….necklace road

22. Fill in the Nanks with sailable articles 2×1=2 M

ke lourning is……………………..dangerous thing

23 Change the following inte passive voice

The wood cater out the tree

24. Change the following into reported speech

Sita Ram said, “Theve deposited the money in the bank”

25.Change the following into comparative degree.

Sarala is one of the most industrious girls in the class

26. Write the corect question tag for the following sentence.

be used to play football…………….

27. Combine the following sentences by using too……….. to. 1 M

This hill is very high. We cannot climb it easily

28. Combine the sentences by using present participle. 1M

Ravi took the book in his hands. He quickly dropped it out of the window.

29. Fill in the banks with suitable form of verbs 4×1=4 M

a) l……………my aunt occasionally (visit)

b) After she…………….andergo) the training, she was placed at Chennai.

c) Mam…………….(post) this letter tomorrow

d) we………………..(come) by car last night

30. Correct the following sentences and rewrite in your answer book. 4×1=4 M

a) I mot him last Sunday

b) They ordered me to waiting

c) Tam gwaiting for you

4) He is suffering with malaria


31. A) in the lesson, The Last Leaf, we have learnt that Johnsy was affected by pneumonia. She lay scarcely moving on her painted iron bed looking through the small window. The doctor visit Johny and discussed the condition of Johnsy with Sue

We a possible conversation between the doctor and Sue regarding the condition of Johnsy


B) Vijay in the lesson, Will He Come Home?”, was panic as her son did not return home. A swarmof negative thoughts occupied her mind and she was getting drained with nervousness Describe the thoughts of Vijaya as she was eagerly and apprehensively waiting for her son

32. A) You happened to amend a marriage party with your own Yiu sew a lot of Rand waage People didn’t mind throwing or leaving food in the plates. There are many people who starve on de hungry in our country You were upset for the above incident.

Write a letter to your friend about the least oncem of people of their extraspancy and apathetic atitude Suggest some measures to shop wacape of dood


B) Write a story by using the following haits. Long ago a poor brahma-begs- sarves without food-gets a pet fall of four-happy ukes pot home-hangs up at bed-lays on bed-falis adlerp-dreams-tam-se four in pol price-people make bid sells for twenty npers-buys to puts-ends well-mary kids makes business with goats, cows, buffaloes-sells milk, butt, cd-heme nch-build a big hone king hears about rich brahmin-gives daughter in manage-joyly throws ha leg out-put falls-breaks-four scation on the floor-moral

33.Describe the information in a paragraph from the tree diagram

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