Telangana Rationalization 2021 GO’s TS Rationalisation PS, UP, HS

#Telangana Rationalization Rules released 2021. TS Rationalisation PS, UP, HS Norms. Telangana Rationalization. TS Rationalisation. Telangana Work Adjustment/ Distribution of teachers and schools. The rationalization for Primary schools ps, upper primary schools UP, and High schools HS.

The School Education statistics i.e. DISE shows that the schools are functioning with low strength and uneconomic in terms of providing teachers and manage the curriculum implementation effectively. This leads to the provision of two (2) teachers mostly for each Primary  School who are responsible to teach all the subjects. If one teacher is on leave, the remaining teacher manages the children and attends Mid Day Meals etc. without focusing on the curriculum.

 Single teacher Primary Schools and clubbing within the same compound  and habitations:

విద్యార్థులు లేని స్కూల్ టీచర్లను విద్యార్థులు ఉన్న స్కూళ్లకు కేటాయింపు

టీచర్ పోస్టులను సర్దుబాటు, రేషనలైజేషన్ చేసేందుకు విద్యాశాఖ అధికారులు దృష్టి సారించారు. పిల్లలున్న పాఠశా లల్లోనే టీచర్లు ఉండేలా, అవసరం మేరకు కొత్త టీచర్ పోస్టుల భర్తీకి కసరత్తులు చేపడుతున్నారు. ఇందులో బాగంగానే పాఠశాల విద్యాశాఖ డైరెక్టర్ శ్రీదేవసేన గురువారం పాఠశాల విద్యాశాఖ అధికారులతో సమీక్ష సమావేశం నిర్వహించారు. కొత్త జిల్లాలు, జోన్ల ఏర్పాటుతో ఉద్యోగుల సర్దుబాటుపై ఏర్పడే కొత్త ఖాళీ లపై ఆమె అధికారులతో సమీక్షించారు.అధికారులను ఆదేశించినట్లు తెలిసింది. విద్యార్థుల సంఖ్యను బట్టి విద్యార్ధులు తక్కువగా ఉన్న స్కూళ్ల నుంచి టీచర్లను… విద్యార్థులు ఎక్కువగా ఉన్న స్కూళ్లకు టీచర్లను సర్దుబాటు చేయ నున్నట్లు తెలిసింది. కొత్త జిల్లాలు, జోన్ల పునవ్యవ స్థీకరణ నేపథ్యంలో విద్యాశాఖలో కొంత మంది టీచర్లు బోధనేతర సిబ్బంది ఆర్డర్ టూ సర్వ్ విధానం లో పనిచేస్తున్నారు. అవసరాలకు అనుగుణంగా వీరిని విద్యార్థులు, టీచర్ల సంఖ్యను బట్టి సర్దుబాటు చేయనున్నట్లు సమాచారం.

A decision may be taken to club the schools functioning in the same  campus or in the same habitation within 1 KM radius duly following the enrolment  norms. this facilitates for providing more number of teachers i.e. at least three (3)  teachers in Primary School i.e. 1 teacher completely responsible for teaching Telugu/  Urdu and the second teacher teaches English for classes I to V and third teacher teaches  Mathematics from classes I to V. This facilitates capacity building of subject teachers in  their subject and held responsible for the outcomes rather than teaching different subjects  to different classes.

New Districts Rationalisation Post Wise:

  1. Mancherial DEO  ,
  2.  Nirmal DEO ,
  3.   Komram Bheem Dist Bheem (Asifabad),
  4. Kamareddy,
  5. Peddapalli,
  6. Jagtial,
  7. Rajanna (Sircilla),
  8. Warangal Urban,
  9. Warangal Rural,
  10. Mahabubabad,
  11.  Prof Jayashankar (Bhupalpally),
  12. Jangaon,
  13. Bhadradri (Kothagudem),
  14. Suryapet,
  15. Yadadri,
  16. Sangareddy,
  17. Siddipet,
  18. Medchal (Malkajgiri),
  19. Vikarabad,
  20. DEO Wanaparthy,
  21. Nagarkurnool
  22. Jogulamba (Gadwal),

Telangana Rationalization. TS Rationalisation PS, UP, HS Rationalization of Schools and Teachers Following is the data on distribution of schools across enrollment slabs.

Sl.Type of schoolSchoolsZero1-1011-2021-3031-4041-5051-6061-7071-8081-9091-100>100
2Upper Primary3244410391191902472582852772932481274
3High Schools45833247262972831551862033813

Merging of UPS with nearby HS: 

The structure of schools: At present the schools are operating in three ways i.e.  Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools.  o In the case of UP Schools sufficient staff structure is not available i.e. there no teacher in each subject for teaching. One SA for Maths and Science and another for Social and English. In this case, the Science teacher cannot teach  Maths and similarly, the Social teacher cannot teach English. Further, the minimum working periods are not being taught by the teachers. The UP sections are not viable and justice is not being done to children. In case of High Schools,  there is a teacher for every subject. Therefore, quality can be ensured in High school but not in Upper Primary.
Therefore, it is proposed to have two types of i.e. Primary and High  Schools and do away with Upper Primary. There is a 3 KMs distance norm for UPS. However, HS are available in most of the habitations within 3 KMs. In case wherever there is no High School within the radius of 5 KMs, the existing Upper PS may be upgraded to High-school. PS(I to V Classes) Staff Pattern  

Enrolment SlabHeadmaster of
Primary school
No. of
201 – 240167
241 – 280178
281 – 320189
321 – 3601910
361 – 40011011


a)    The Headmaster of  PS posts to the Primary having strength of 151 and above may be provided. The LFL HM posts having strength of 150 and below may be adjusted against the SGT posts in the Schools.  

b)    Posting on rationalization is subject to post(s) sanctioned for the school as per the above staff pattern.  

c)     In view of the large number of vacancies in SGT category only one SGT  is proposed in the ratio 1 : 30  so as to prevent the closure of schools for want of staff.                                                                                RANJEEV R.ACHARYA                                                             PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT          

SECTION OFFICER ANNEXURE – II   (G.O.Ms.No.  dated)   Upper Primary School (I to VII / VIII Classes)   Staff Pattern   1.      For I to V Classes of an Upper Primary School, same staff pattern as stated in Annexure – I (for a primary school) is to be followed.   However, the post of Head Master of Primary School, if sanctioned already, shall be shifted to the needy PS when the school is upgraded into an Upper Primary School.  

2.         For classes VI to VII / VIII, additional subject teachers (posts) as per table given below are to be added according to enrollment for handling various curricular subjects, as given in the Table given below.  

Enrolment Slab VI to VII / VIIIS.A(Maths)/ScienceSA (SS)S.A(English)LP-ILP-2Total
Up to  – 100110114
351 to 3855212212

Note:   (a)    For I to V Classes in an Upper Primary School, the same norms (staff pattern) of a Primary School given in Annexure I will be applicable for provision of SGTs.  

(b)    The senior-most School Assistant in the Upper Primary School shall be Head Master of that school.

  (c)    School Asst. (Maths / Science) can be occupied by School Asst. (Maths) or School Asst. (PS) or School Asst. (BS) as per the subject post sanctioned for UPS.  

(d)    Time Table should be prepared as per the subjects studied by the Teacher in X class (SSC) / Inter / Degree and subject methodology in B.Ed / D. Ed / Language Pandit Training. Teacher cannot refuse to handle classes as per the Time Table so prepared.  

(e)    School Assistants / Language Pandits are supposed to handle their subjects specifically and other subjects in general for other classes including Primary Sections according to need.                                                                                                     RANJEEV R.ACHARYA                                                                             PRINCIPAL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT               High School (VI to X Classes) Staff Pattern

Enrolment in VI to XHMS.A. (Maths)S.A. (Phy. Sci.)S.A. (Bio. Sci.)S.A. (Eng.)S.A. (S.S.)S.A. (1st   Lang.)S.A. (2ndLang.)S.A./ (PET)Craft/ Drawing/ MusicTOTAL 
Up to 22011111111109 
221 to 250121111111010 
251 to 280121121111011 
281 to310121121211012 
311 to 340122121221014 
341 to 370122122221015 
371 to 400122222221016 
401 to 430132222221118 
431 to 460132232221119 
461 to 490132232321120 
491 to 520133232321121 
521 to 550133233321122 
551 to 610133333321123 
611 to 640143333331125 
641 to 670143343331126 
671 to 700143343431127 
701 to 730144343431128 
731 to 760144344431129 
761 to 790144444431130 
791 to 820154444431131 
821 to 850154454432133 
851 to 880154454532134 
881 to 910154454542135 
911 to 940155454542136 
941 to 970155455542137 
971 to 1000155555542138 
1001 to 1030165555542139 
1031 to 1060165565542140 
1061 to 1090165565642141 
1091 to 1120166565642142 
1121 to 1150166566642143 
1151 to 1180166666642144 
1181 to 1210166666652145 

All the UP Schools may be merged nearby High Schools.  

Certain High Schools are working with strength of 40 or 50 children and below 75  and such schools are being functional within the area of 1 or 2 KMs. The actual  norm for High School is 5 KMs i.e. a High School within the radius of 5 KMs.  This need to be discussed and a decision may be taken on the rationalization of schools  by clubbing the low strength uneconomic schools and establish a good school with all facilities  at Gram Panchayat/ Cluster Level with good ambience, library, compound wall, ICT facilities  with five (5) teachers and one Headmaster.

Telangana Rationalization TS Rationalisation PS, UP, HS

  1. Distribution of workload – Subject-wise allotment of periods per week for classes  VI to X – Assignment of the teaching of class VII Maths subject to the Maths teacher instead of Physical Science teacher.
  2. It is proposed that the School Assistants of Physical Science shall take up Mathematics classes for class VI along with Physical Science subject for classes VIII, IX and X. The Maths  School Assistants shall take up Mathematics subject for classes VII, VIII, IX and X. The computer classes shall be taken by the Physical Science School Assistant.
  3. The Headmaster must plan for implementation of co-curricular activities by assigning the subjects to the teachers keeping in  10 views of workload.
  4.  Head Master must see that equal allocation of periods combinedly for both curricular and co-curricular areas.
  5. The Headmaster shall develop time table for the school showing curricular and co-curricular areas along with teachers responsible to teach the subjects and display in the Headmaster room and staff room.
  6. In case if second teacher is allotted for  Mathematics for single section schools, the Mathematics classes for classes VI and VII may be allocated to second Mathematics School Assistant. The Headmaster must take up 8 periods per  week i.e. one complete subject for anyone class i.e. VI to X and one or two periods for co-curricular activities.
  7. As a result Headmaster taking one subject for one class, if numberof periods for a teacher is reduced, he/ she may be allocated with other co-curricular periods to  balance the workload.
  8. If teachers come forward to take co-curricular activities like Value  Education & Life Skills, Art & Cultural Education etc., the same may be allocated to them.
  9. Otherwise, the periods for the subjects and co-curricular activities shall be allocated as per the suggested sheet on workload distribution enclosed herewith (The class-wise allocation of periods for subjects and workload distribution is enclosed).
  10. Any other issues to make schools functional seriously and to improve quality.


If the sanctioned posts of teachers are more than the above norms the posts shall be shifted as follows:  

a.     Secondary Grade teacher posts in Primary / Primary Sections of Upper   Primary Schools shall be shifted to other needy Primary/ Upper Primary within the same management.

  b.     Posts other than Secondary Grade Teachers shall be shifted to the needy High Schools / Upper Primary Schools in the same management according to subject need as per staffing pattern given according to enrolment slabs (descending order).

  c.      Posts sanctioned to the Schools with 0 (Zero) enrolment in Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools should be identified as surplus.

  d.     Surplus posts and surplus teachers identified should be shifted to plain to plain and agency to agency area.    

e.      Parallel English Medium sections in High Schools with enrolment up to  50  shall be identified and the students should be admitted in English Medium sections of nearby / Model / Residential Schools and posts sanctioned for these additional sections shall be shifted to the needy schools in the same management.  

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